Improving The Security Of Your Home

When you have children, keeping them safe is often one of your top priorities. People like to focus on keeping their kids safe when out and about but fail to protect their home as well as they could. There are many ways that you can protect your home and your family and often the options can often be overwhelming when trying to decide what is best for you. Because of the importance of security, I’ve have put together some tips on how you can improve the security of your home. Keep reading to find out more,

Add Some Fencing

If you don’t already have a fence in your garden or around your house, then you should invest in one now. Something as simple as having a fence can put off intruders as they will have to get through your lock or climb over it. Garden fencing is also great for keeping your children safe when they are playing and ensuring that they don’t escape or run off onto the road, and it helps to keep their toys from escaping the garden too!

Fencing does not have to be an expensive task as you can easily find cheap fence panels online. You’ll be able to find a wide range of fences at and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the extensive collection they have on offer. Make sure to do a lot of research on how to choose the right type of fence and wood that will secure your property.  Close board or feather edge fence panels are recommended by many to increase the security. Once you have your fence in place, you’ll feel a lot more secure.

Get To Know Your Neighbours

Nowadays, people often don’t take the time to meet their neighbours when they move into a new area. This is, however, a great and cost-free way of adding an extra level of security to your home. If your neighbours know who you are and what your family looks like, they might be able to recognise an intruder when you’re not in. If you don’t get to know your neighbours, then it is unlikely that they will watch out for your house or even feel comfortable alerting you if they see someone suspicious around your property. Although it might be daunting at first, just take some time to introduce yourself and exchange contact details in case anything happens when you are not in.

I always do this when new people move into my close area, I take over a bottle of wine and introduce myself – being friendly goes a very long way especially as these neighbours eventually take in my parcels if I’m on the school run.

Install Some Outdoor Lighting

Something as simple as adding some lighting to the front and back of your house can be a real-life saver when it comes to security. You can get lots of different types of lighting like ones that are on all the time or others that have movement sensors. The constant lights are great at night because it means you can see what is going on through your windows. You’ll also get a clearer view of your back garden and the surrounding area. If you’d rather have a motion sensor light these works great as well. Motion sensor lights can deter intruders when they approach as they are suddenly in the light and can be seen. Make sure to consider which type of lighting might be right for your property.

Install A Security System

There are many pros and cons to installing a security system. Yes, they tend to be quite expensive but if you are interested in keeping your property and family safe then it is worth the money. You don’t need to invest in a really high-tech system, one that simply detects motion when you set it can be a great way of deterring intruders and protecting your home. If you are going to get a security system, make sure to go through how it works with all of your family members that will be accessing the house as they’ll need to know how to shut it off.

Keep Valuables Away From Windows

If you have a lot of expensive or sentimental things in your house, you’ll want to make sure that they are kept secure. Often people forget about the threat that burglars pose to their house and leave their laptops on windowsills or mobile phones in view. By simply making sure that these are kept out of sight, you can help to prevent the risk to your property. When a thief sees something valuable in a window, they know that all they need to do is break that window and steal it without even having to risk entering the house. This is why you should try your best to do a check before you leave your home.

Get Some Cameras

If you’re really serious about adding extra security to your home, then you could invest in some security cameras. These can be an expensive purchase, but they are great for your own security and to deter intruders. People have mixed opinions over whether it is a good idea to have a home security system. You can choose the level of security when it comes to this as you might want to have cameras throughout the house or simply at the front and backdoors. If you want to warn off intruders even more, you could also put up some signs to alert them of the cameras. This often works well as people won’t even try to go near your house just in case they get caught on camera.


For anyone with children or a lot of valuable possessions, it is understandable that you’d want to increase the security of your home. There’s nothing worse than going on holiday and coming back to find your house has been robbed. If you follow our tips, you can increase your level of security based on how much you want to spend on it. We recommend starting with chatting to your neighbours and agreeing to look out for each other’s homes when you are away. You can then make the necessary improvements to your home until you feel that you are as safe as you can be. Security is very important and any money that you spend will be an investment in your family’s safety.


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