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You will know by now that a new baby doesn’t come with a set of instructions – believe me I’ve looked high and low yet they definitely aren’t supplied.  Maybe it’s something that midwives should give out however it’s just not possible as NO one baby is the same!!
I’ve two of them and each was completely different, Emmy was a calm contented baby who slept through the night at 10 weeks, so never cried and she smiled all the time.  Harry on the other hand came into the world screaming and he continued  until around a year old.  He had reflux and it took ages to work that one out as he had silent reflux so the doctors wouldn’t listen to start with.
As a new Mum it is sometimes hard to work out if your baby is ill or just crying.  Now mine never had colic however I have Nannied for a little girl who did and it was hard for her parents to firstly work out what it was and then get some solid advise.
Infacol now have an online support centre which is open 24/7 which is designed to give answers when you need them as and then.
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There is a 3 minute online test which you can take which will help determine whether or not your baby has colic and then offers advice with treating it if it is.
There is a virtual colic clinic where you are able to type in your questions and find the answers to those burning questions – usually these will be during a night feed when the doctors are closed, right when you need reassurance the most.
There are also videos to watch explaining what colic is, how to spot the signs, as well as best winding technique’s, breast feeding tips and massages technique’s which can help.
If you are unsure or need some colic advice then please do visit the website –
Disclaimer:  We received a goodie bag in exchange for this post.



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