Blind safety help to save lives!

As a mother to two young children their safety is my biggest concern.  The house has been child-proofed the best I can do yet I constantly worry about for their safety. 
I mean you read horror stories in the news all the time don’t you?  You do your best to keep your children safe yet in the home is where the most accidents actually happen.
I’ve recently been chatting to a company on Twitter who have asked if I could share with you the latest safety guidelines for window blinds – I am sharing this with you as it could help to save lives of young children and babies – if it helps to save only one live then it has worked as each year far too many deaths are caused in homes due to blind cords.


 Please read the below information and take note, implement and help save lives!

Cutting the cord on dangerous blinds by Terrys Blinds
Cutting the cord on dangerous blinds by Terrys Blinds.

I have a ‘Lock Away’ cord safety device on Harry’s bedroom blind however I hadn’t gotten around to fitting one onto Emmy’s blind, since receiving this infographic I have ordered one for Emmy’s room too. WidgetsDisclaimer:  I haven’t been compensated to post this infographic, I felt it was important to share to help save lives.  There is an affiliate link above for convenience.

16 thoughts on “Blind safety help to save lives!

  1. I'm always worrying about F's safety, so good to remember these important safety tips can save lives x

  2. Thanks for sharing. We recently had a new bedroom blind installed and, although it did come with a child safety device, there was no information about why it's so important to keep blind cords out of reach of children.

  3. My friend has been banging on for ages about the dangers of blinds, and I'm glad she has. These statistics are shocking. We have a safety blind in Austin's room – this reminds me we need one for Gwen, too.

  4. Home safety is so important whenever babies and young children are concerned. I think this infographic raises awareness of something that all parents should be aware of, thanks for sharing! xxx

  5. A very important post, wish our blinds had safety devices – not for our children who are now older, but for the cats!! They keep playing in them!

  6. oh gosh i have heard so many stories about this before luckily most are mean to be seperate pullies now x

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