Introducing Harry’s new Swimologist role & a giveaway

We are very proud to announce that we have embarked on a brand new Ambassadors role with Konfidence.
Harry has been chosen as a Swimologist for the swimming brand Konfidence.
Swimming has always been important to me as a parent, I learnt to swim at school however I’m not a great swimmer and Paul isn’t either.  We can swim but neither of us are very confident swimmers and I wanted our children to be different.  I started taking Emmy swimming at only a few weeks old, and tried to do it weekly. 
As a former Nanny I used to take the children I looked after to their swim lessons and soon learnt the skills needed to teach Emmy at a young age, however by the age of 2 I booked her into proper lessons as she just wanted to play in the pool with me.  She loves it and has recently moved up classes after gaining after gaining her stage 2 badge.
Harry had a term of swimming lessons with Water babies and loved it however we didn’t keep those up as we planned to take him ourselves as we did with Emmy when she was small – sadly life gets in the way and he doesn’t go as often as we would like.

That has now changed with this new role.
Now there is NO better way to put swimwear through its paces than by actually using it and that’s what Harry will be doing over the next few weeks as for part of this role he has been enrolled into Aqua Babies swimming lessons at our local Marriott hotel.
Infact he started yesterday.
I will tell you a little about Aqua Babies in another post and about their teaching methods as we encounter them.
For now I will tell you a little about Konfidence and how they decided upon the name Swimologist (and as you’ve guessed by the title of this post I’ve also a fantastic giveaway for you).
About Konfidence:
  • Based in Cornwall, Konfidence is a family run business with three generations involved (4 if you count the little ones testing and modelling the products)
  • Today, the company is Europe’s largest designer and manufacturer of baby swimming products, buoyancy aids and UVPF sun protection clothing and wetsuits for children up to 14 years of age
  • The multi-award winning products, which include the Original Konfidence Jacket and Babywarma baby wetsuit are now sold in 22 countries worldwide, including counties in Europe, North America, South Africa, Malaysia, China and Hong Kong.
  • Founded in 1998, this year marks Konfidence’s 15th anniversary.

Why Swimologist? (written by Konfidence)

There is a brilliant and meaningful fable here which says “You may study all the “-ologies” of the world, but if you do not learn swimology, all your studies are useless.”

This resonates with Konfidence’ ethos and this Swinologist learn to swim journey:
“The learn to swim journey from first getting into the water with your baby to their first underwater dive through to gaining independence in the water and achieving their first distance certificate are all momentous and joyous moments in a child’s life.  They come with many highs – and their smile when they are rewarded their first swimming certificate is a cherished one.

We understand this at Konfidence; over the last fifteen years we’ve gone on this momentous journey with our own children (and grandchildren) and we want to further enhance all these special family moments by giving you tried and trusted products that will help keep your little one safe, comfortable and warm in the water, and that give them (and you) the confidence to learn how to swim.”

Giveaway Time
Over the course of Harry’s swimming lessons he will be putting the following products through their paces:

I can’t wait for ours to arrive (they weren’t here in time for our first lesson) as the pool was freezing and after about half a lesson Harry started to shiver and then cry. 

Konfidence are very kindly offering one of my winners the chance to win 1 of all of the above item (1 x Babywarma, 1 x AquaNappy, 1 x Neo Nappy & a Roll and Go changing mat) – and best of all the winner is able to chose the size and colour of these items.

For your chance to win this fantastic swimming package please fill in the Rafflecopter form below – this giveaway will end at Midnight on 29th May 2014 – Good Luck.



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187 thoughts on “Introducing Harry’s new Swimologist role & a giveaway

  1. As someone who used to be a sports centre advisor, I would recommend asking the pool/centre staff about safety and making sure all staff are fully trained in rescue and first aid, then, I would tell the parents to use a swimming/floating jacket on the child if they haven't been before, maintain eye contact with the child (as long as the child is happy for that) and speak in confident, calm and happy tones. Never go out of an arms reach of the child. And most of all, enjoy it!

  2. Have Fun… and have a towel ready on the side as soon as you get out to keep them nice and warm!!! take a few minutes before you get in to make sure you can quickly get baby redressed when you get out, have their clothes and fresh nappy easily to hand!!!

  3. Start as young as possible – I did with my now 9 year old and she LOVES the water but didn't go so much with my now 4 year old and she really doesn't like it – I am hoping to start swimming lessons for them after the half term is over to get Hallie more used to it 🙂

    Becci Cleary

  4. Make sure you have their clothes ready after the swim because they get very cold and miserable straight after!

  5. if your confident and make it feel fun they will mimic you.if ur scared theyll get hurt they will see it and feel it froim you and then feel it too.relax have fun,no pressure.

  6. Pools can be a daunting experience for a baby – prep work – have a bath with your baby to build confidence

  7. I haven't taken my little one swimming yet as my eczema has been very bad after giving birth, but it's great to read everyones' tips.

  8. choose a quieter time of day, when kids are in school is normally a good time. dont panic or they will, let them do what they want and just support them.

  9. Take them as early as possible so they get used to the water, I did this with my children and all three of them are very confident in the water!

  10. Don't push them, slowly, slowly works, if you lucky enough to get by the sea, a few times just paddling in the seawater works wonders. If not try to get to a fun pool, with a very shallow end. I found that 'sport pools' are to scary for the little ones.

  11. Don't let any fear you have be apparent, as this will transfer to baby and they'll be scared. Naturally, babies aren't usually scared of water.

  12. just let them enjoy themselves, but always be close so they know there's safety there
    (Spencer Broadley)

  13. Gradually increase the time in pool as they get bigger but don't keep baby in too long to start with.

  14. Start early and take them to an arranged mother and baby session as the pool will be heated to a warmer temperature.

  15. Go as soon as possible and dunk then too – they haven't lost the mammalian diving reflex and it will be fine!

  16. Have an extra pair of hands for the post swimming period the first time – it's difficult trying to get yourself and the baby dry and dressed.

  17. I wish I'd taken carson swimming as a baby as he's terrified of water now at 5. So with Finley I would take him asap and remember to be calm!!!

  18. Both my boys went swimming weekly from three weeks old and can swim really well independently now. I think that making sure they are warm after swimming and well hydrated before is essential

  19. I've loved taking all mine swimming as littlies- although I have to admit it was harder with twins!

  20. Stay close, stay confident, relaxed. Jacobs first swimming session he stayed in my arms and we just walked around the pool to get him used to being in the water, the second time he held my hands and had a bit more freedom. If you act nervous or panicky your child will react the same.

  21. If you take them to a water babies class the pools are especially warm and the baby relaxes and has more fun.

  22. Start early and ensure they know you are they – it is all about them feeling comfortable and confident – as a mummy/daddy, you can provide them with that x

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