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 There is one thing both Emmy and Harry love most and that is to bake, I however am not as keen as it involves loads of mess and then lots of cleaning up after.
Recently they received some wonderful no cook baking sets from John Adams to help get their bake on and I was rather pleased to be able to let them indulge in the making while not having to worry about hot ovens etc.  this is something they really can do alone.
First up is the Mini-Makes Cupcakes set (RRP – £17.99)
This includes all you need to make mini chocolate cupcakes (well almost all – you still need to buy/add the ingredients yourself).
The cupcakes are make by melting chocolate and mixing them with crushed biscuits and then pressing them into the moulds to set.
You fill the water tray with hot tap water and screw the cap on tightly, you then break chocolate into small segments and add to the trays.  These trays sit over the hot water and the heat melts it, the children needed to keep stirring until it had all melted.
They then used the pestle and mortar to crush biscuits and mixed them into their melted chocolate.  They then spooned these into the moulds. 
These then go into the freezer or fridge to set.
To make different coloured creations you do these steps in layers.  You’ll find cake boxes, wraps and a cake stand in the kit too.
They really loved this set and needed very little help (only with the hot water) – patience isn’t one of their plus points so they did want to eat them straight away.
 The next set they were sent is the Chocolate Lolly Maker (RRP £19.99)
This has to be my favourite set – it is really easy to use, the results are quick (ish) and they look great and would make perfect gifts for school friends, teachers at Christmas or to go into party bags.
This works in a similar way to the cupcake maker – fill the water tray with hot water (from the tap) and add the chocolate to the top of the trays, mix and the chocolate melts with the heat.
You then position the moult you would like and add a lolly stick into the guide marks and click it into place, fill the mould with chocolate and pop into the freezer for a few minutes.
After a few minutes you can remove and using the stamp create a special message, replace into the freezer for a few more minutes and then remove.  Your lolly is then set.
stand in the little machine upright and place a cellophane bag over your lolly, add a ribbon and you have a wonderful homemade chocolate lolly.
I found that if you add the 4 lolly’s into the freezer and begin melting more chocolate, by the time you have the chocolate melted you are ready to remove the first batch from the freezer.
I’ve a distinct lack of pictures for these are they required a little more help and because as soon as they were ready the kids devoured them.
The last set we were sent is the Mixubbles (RRP £19.99 )
This set was our least favourite – with it you can make your own fizzy drink concoctions – neither Emmy nor Harry are overly keen on fizzy drinks and the flavours which come with this set definitely aren’t ones they are usually keen on.
They had great fun mixing them up however and did try them all, we tried mixing the different flavours together and making up our own drinks.
None went down well but they at least tried. 
You could use this set to make chocolate milk but it does seem like an effort if that’s all your children would like.
I even tried mixing these up using water but that didn’t go down well either.
To use you add 1-2 scoops of the flavouring into the bottom of the little red figure, add water and then add his head and secure.  You then add him into the bottom of the mixer add the lemonade or soda, place the lid on and turn on.
The drink mixes with the powder to create your fizzy drink.
This set comes with mini tasting cups, 3 packets of flavouring and straws too.
The kids were most impressed with the baking sets and keep asking to make some more.
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