Keeping myself organised – Personal Planner #Review & Giveaway

When I attended BritMums this year we were all given lovely notebooks to jot down our thoughts, write down our inspiration, doodle in and obviously to write down everything we learnt from the weekend too.

These notepads were of very high quality and could be personalised in whichever way suited you.  To prove this the lovely people over at Personal Planner gave me a code which allowed me to make up my own personalised planner.

I arrived last week and I love it!

I chose a medium sized one (priced at £17.95) as I wanted to be able to keep it in my handbag or changing bag and not lose it at the bottom or it being too big it got in the way – this is a perfect size for me.

personal planner, review, competition

You can customise pretty much all of this planner to suit you.  You can have a plain cover in various colours, add writing, add a picture or as I have done – use both!

I chose one of my favourite pictures and added it, this is really easy to do as you can add pictures from your computer or as I did add them from your instagram pictures.  I added the text “Nicholas Family Life 2013/2014” because that’s what will be contained in mine.

Next you can customise the pages by choosing a heading colour and design for the pages and adding boxes in the footer.  I added boxes for my lists, so have:

  • To do this week
  • Pre-school this week
  • List of the week

I will use these to keep track of Emmy’s pre-school days, when she needs packed lunches etc.  I will add in appointments I have and things I need to do and I plan to use the last box for keeping up-to-date and on top of blogging work.

Personal Planner,, review, competitionYou can even choose the style and sizing of the days of the week – I chose lined as once again I can keep lists and track of what I’m doing.  At the end of the planner you can chose what you would like to appear with a choice of:

  • Ruled and squared
  • sheets of music
  • your own address book (this you type, I would have liked this option with spaces to write them when the planner arrived)
  • Ruled
  • Squared
  • Blank
  • Colouring in
  • Sudoku
  • Maps

I chose Sudoku as it is something to do on train journeys however would have prefer an option to write my own addresses in (you can type them when making the planner but this was far too time consuming for me).

I really love my new planner and have been busily filling it with dates and events and of course lists!

Giveaway Time
Would you like to be able to win yourself a personal planner?  If so fill in the rafflecoper form below and you could win a planner in a choice of sizes (small, medium, large or A5).
This giveaway will end at Midnight on 21st September 2013 – Good Luck

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86 thoughts on “Keeping myself organised – Personal Planner #Review & Giveaway

  1. A calendar for classes/parties/preschool etc, a diary for my tutoring work and a white board on the fridge for shopping. It would be great to have it all in one place though!

  2. I live my life by lists! I have several notebooks with lists in for things to do daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I do also use a online calendar – but always for get to check it! Oops!

  3. I don't!! I write lists and never look at them again….I loved the Pre School box and would add school and work and social! I have been looking everywhere for a planner like this so fingers crossed!!

  4. For the week? I can't even organise myself for a day! Haha – I do try and write stuff on my calendar and in my diary but either forget to write or forget to look!

  5. I have various places that I make notes then at the start of the week put everything in my diary. It works OK until a Post It falls down the back of something or similar!

  6. I keep a diary list . I need to keep a strict account of my money and how to afford bills, days out etc so consult it daily.

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