Kiddy Click n Move 3 – Review

I’ve now had our Click n Move 3 for a while now, have used it over all terrains and given it a proper run around so here’s what I think.

Firstly, when unpacking it you have the chassis, 4 wheels and seat unit and raincover (the raincover is inside the basket incase you can’t find it) all in the box.  It took 2 of us to unpack this as it’s compactly packaged – with a bit of heaving and pulling we managed it.

The wheels literally just click into place and are very easy to attach (large on the back, small on the front).  To open the chassis you press a grey button on the side and pull the frame upwards using the handles found halfway down the frame.

The seat unit is also very easy to attach – choose the direction you want it to face and click it onto the frame – it really is as simple as that.

Setting up the click n move 3, kiddy, review,

There are some features to this buggy with I really LOVE:

  • The huge hood which easily shelters from the rain and the sun
  • The adjustable footrest
  • The strap adjust – it is the same as with baby car seats – press the word PRESS which is located just below the crotch strap and pull out on the shoulder straps
  • There is a mini rain cover inside the bumper bar for when you are caught in a shower
  • A large basket which is zipped to safely secure you belongings
  • You can add a mini padlock to the basket and lock your belongings inside

Some things have taken a little getting used to:

  • To lay the buggy down there is a bar at the top of the seat unit which you pull upwards and then pull the seat down to laying down – I still need to use 2 hands to do this as I’ve weak wrists
  • The fold on this buggy, it is easy to do however different to all my other style buggys and pushchairs due to the handles half way down the frame which help you to fold and unfold – I keep forgetting they are there
  • The frame is really long so the seat seems really far away
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As you can see the seat unit is huge, Emmy is 3.5 years old and is tall however she still has head and leg room which comes in useful on the way home from school when she is shattered after a full day.

The shoulder pads are very padded and fully moveable so it gives a very comfortable ride.  9 times out of 10 Harry falls asleep in this.

We love the parent facing mode, infact we are yet to use it world facing as both Emmy and Harry like looking at whoever is pushing them, chatting and singing together.

With a 3 position recline and an adjustable footrest this is a very comfortable ride for both Harry or Emmy. 

Other features include a removable swing bar bumper, lockable front wheels, adjustable handle and a phone pocket in the back of the seat unit.

Used in conjunction with the Evolution Pro this makes an ideal travel system, especially now Harry is 9 months old and still has plenty of room in the evolution pro, being 9 months he is very heavy so being able to pop him on the buggy in the car seat when he is asleep is fantastic.  As the frame is very lightweight when combined with the car seat or even the seat unit with Emmy inside it really isn’t  hard to push at all.

Kiddy, click n Move, travel system, evolution pro,

Retailing at £275 this is an affordable option which won’t break the bank.

One thing I will add is do be careful when using as a travel system, the car seat adaptors are labelled for a reason and are labelled as if you are standing at the handle end of the buggy – I say this as we *may* have put them on the wrong way without realising they were labelled and they do get stuck into the car seat and are VERY hard to remove when jammed the wrong way.  To release again you need brute force.  Now I’m hoping none of you are as silly as me however if this does happen – you are not alone!

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Disclaimer:  We were sent this buggy for purposes for this review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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