Last chance for a FREE Disney Bedtime call

I recently told you about the new service Disney were offering to help make bedtimes magical – well it’s now your LAST CHANCE to make use of this FREE service (costing only the price of a text message) as it ends this weekend!
So here is a recap of how you can make bedtimes magical:
This is a wonderful and magical service where you text 78000 and choose who you would like a special bedtime message from:
  • Cinderella
  • Minnie
  • Jake
  • Mickey
We have made full use of this service and has had a bedtime call from all of the Disney Characters!
After texting the number and adding your chosen character into the body of the text I only had to wait a short period (seconds) before my phone rang.  You are then asked to pass the phone to your child.
They then hear a lovely message reminding then to brush their teeth and put their pj’s on, they are then told they have a special message from (whichever character they have chosen) who then gives then a very sweet bedtime message.
It has made bedtimes fun and a little exciting – I mean who wouldn’t want a call from a Princess before going to sleep?
This service costs only the price of a standard text message – and to see Emmy jump into bed happily without a fuss, well quite frankly I would pay more!!
You are able to listen to the messages online at




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