Let’s go shopping with Peppa Pig: Our Tips for shopping with children & Giveaway

To launch the release of the new Peppa Pig book Let’s Go Shopping Peppa! I have teamed up with www.ladybird.co.uk and 4 other bloggers to join in with this fun Blog Tour.

In this new book (you may well have seen this episode on TV already) Peppa and her family write a shopping list and head off together to the supermarket for a family shopping trip.
Peppa Pig: Let’s Go Shopping Peppa! by Ladybird out now in paperback, £6.99
They use the list and find all of their food items they wanted, Peppa and George take turns finding the items and putting them into the trolley.  Only when they unload the trolley to pay a Chocolate cake has mysteriously fallen in….or has it?  Daddy Pig admits to adding it himself.
We’ve been reading this story and retelling tales of when the children’s Daddy does this – Emmy says he adds biscuits mainly and I have to agree.

This is a nice book for Emmy to begin reading herself and she has been trying to read it to Harry at bedtimes which is very cute.  There are actually a lot of words for a children’s story book of this kind but the story is engaging enough to capture their interest.

We also had a chat about what the children like to add into my basket or trolley and the list is endless but a few include:
  • Magazines
  • Toys
  • Yogurts
  • Sweets
  • Ice-cream

Do your children add anything into your basket/trolleys or are you the guilty ones?

You can take a closer look at the book for yourselves:

 When I go shopping with the children I have a few tried and tested fail safe methods which make it painless, well as much as possible anyway!
I am lucky as Harry is still at the age of liking the trolley and I don’t let him out just yet as I know he will run off, grab things and it will take a lot longer.  He isn’t keen on shopping so is more than happy to stay at home with Daddy while Emmy and I have some girlie time.  This is usually our catch up and chat time – one-on-one during a busy week.
A game of hide and seek was played in the supermarket – Can you spot Emmy? It’s not that difficult
My top tips for shopping with children are:
  • keep younger children in the trolley for as  long as you can.  It is so much easier than herding them away from people, toys, sweets and from them hiding under the clothes or amongst the shelves.
    They will protest as they get older however if you are prepared it is easier. Have a few distractions with you such as a toy to clip onto the trolley, paper and a crayon, drink or even a snack

  • Have a list ready and with you. You will shop faster if you have prepared your list and the children (any age) can help you with this. They could hold it for you, cross off the items as you put them in your trolley or even use this time as reading practice and get them to tell you what’s on the list

  • Play a game.  If children can’t yet write you could get them to help with your shopping list by drawing pictures of the foods you need before you head off to the shops.  Play a bingo game while walking around where once they’ve found the item the cross it off the list.
    Hunt the fruit, eye spy or finding objects of a certain colour are ones we like to play as we go around.

  • Let them help and join in with decision making.  “Which flavour yogurts shall we buy?”,  “what would you like dinner/sandwiches etc?”  This helps to include them and makes them also feel grown up, and can be helpful with fussy eaters

  • Make it fun. Let them weigh the fruit,  bag up the apples etc.  We may find this boring but it is all new and exciting to children

  • Praise them.  There maybe  a few off moments, to be honest I’d happily throw a tantrum about having to go shopping.   We are quick to point out noisy behaviour,  and that which we aren’t happy with by focusing on the better behaviour you will be showing that is what will gain them the attention they are often seeking out.

  • Most importantly talk to them and try to make it as fun as possible.. It may be boring and mundane for you but children see the world diffently to us, it’s new and full of wonder and excitement… Try to share the joy with them.

I often let the children choose a treat towards the end of our shopping trips if they have been helpful – this could be a magazine, small toy, cake or a sweet.  We often use this time to give them a little of their pocket money which they have been saving up and they can choose a toy if they want and pay for it themselves.

I am passing the blog tour batten over to Jaime of The Oliver’s Madhouse who will be sharing her tips with you tomorrow.

I have been given an extra copy of Let’s Go Shopping Peppa to giveaway to one of you lovely readers.  For the chance to win this prize please fill in the rafflecopter form below.  This giveaway will end at Midnight on 17th June – Good Luck (UK entries only).

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87 thoughts on “Let’s go shopping with Peppa Pig: Our Tips for shopping with children & Giveaway

  1. Give them their own shopping list with items (or pictures of items on) that they need to find for you. They spend most of the time scanning the shelves they don't get time to be bored or cause mischief 🙂

  2. Allow them to pick different items for the shopping e.g. what fruit to get, what flavour squash etc. It stops them nagging for other items and helps them feel grown up and included

  3. dont give in to demands but take in little healthy treats such as dried apple and coconut etc and a drink to supply to grumbling mouths- use trolley seats whenever possible to keep them in one place – or give them a basket of their own to carry their choice of fruit

  4. Keeping them busy as asking them to help you find certain items such as bananas, onions etc….

  5. Involve the child/children in the task. ask them to help put the items in the trolley. Give them choices on what they would like. Ask them to help you count how many things you got in the basket/trolley.
    Know what you want to make the trip quick.

  6. I get the kids to help out, the older two take stuff off the shelfs and the toddler puts stuff in the trolley

  7. My tip would be to just shop online, if you can, especially if you have a couple or more little ones, it really does save alot of hassle and time. But if you have to take them, try and make it as short as possible and home as quick as you can x

  8. Involve the children, make the shopping trip interesting e.g. A learning experience. Can find items, count items, learn colours etc. Being considerate, patient and interacting with the children allowing them to be part of the process of accessing shopping for what is required for the family. Can boost child's self esteem by them feeling included, appreciated etc. Remember to keep the tasks, learning age appropriate / developmentally appropriate for each child.

    Rachel Craig

  9. We play shops at home which definitely makes it easier when we o. I get Lydia or Dominic to write the list, before they could write they drew pictures of some of the things we needed. Now Lydia likes to take it a bit more seriously, Dominic and Seb like to have fun so we play eye spy and first to see…. All good fun!

  10. Get them involved – go through the list with them and talk about what you're going to make with the different ingredients 🙂

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