Little Live Bizzy Bubs Review – what are they and what do they do?

If you’ve children there is a huge chance you’ve heard of the Little Live Pets range – interactive animals which come to life at the push of a button and are as realistic as interactive pets can get – well now added into the toy range are the new Little Live Bizzy Bubs which are babies which come to life at the push of a button and have pretty realistic characteristics too.

We were sent a selection of these dolls for Emmy to have a Bizzy Bubs party with her friends so they could play with them and test out what they did. This is a great way of gauging a feel of a toy as Emmy loves everything to do with dolls so would just say she loved them so I would give in and purchase more for her, asking her friends helped to give a balanced opinion.

There are different types of toys available in this range – the playsets which are a doll along with a bottle, dummy and accessory or just the doll, dummy and bottle. The playsets retail at £22.99 and the dolls at £14.99.


There are currently 2 playsets in this toy range each come with a doll, accessory, dummy and bottle


Gracie comes with cute crib so you can put her to sleep when she gets tired. Pop her in her crib and she excitedly jumps up and down. To activate her you press the button on her nappy and she will babble away, press it 3 times in a row and she sings and giggles. She sucks on her dummy and makes slurping noises and falls to sleep when given her dummy.

Gracie has pink hair and a pink/white striped nappy

Gracie Bizzy Bubs


Swirlee babbles, plays peek-a-boo and wants to play. She comes with a baby carrier so you can carry her around when she gets sleepy. She waddles from side to side hiding behind her hands playing peek-a-boo with you. Pop in her dummy and she makes slurping noises or her dummy and she will fall asleep.

Swirlee has blue hair and an ice-cream designed nappy featuring nappy decoration which activates her features.


To activate all of the dolls you switch on by a switch located on their backs (or tummies on the crawling dolls) and the batteries which are included (HUGE plus points there!!) are located under the hair which is easily removed, the speaker if also under the hair.

Each doll has different coloured hair, different coloured nappies and do something a little different.

The other dolls in this toy range include:

Polly Petals, a purple haired doll who walks when you press the butterfly on her nappy. Primmy, a pink haired dolls who crawls and babbles, Snowbeam – a blue haired doll who walks and talks, Poppy is another blue haired crawling doll. Harper has blue hair with colourful streaks in it and she claps her hands, talks and babbles away.

All of these make different sounds and babbles, they also have little phases which they say in a cute babbled baby way making them all a little different to each other.

They do all have the same sized dummies and bottles, which it is worth noting are very small and we have managed to lose a couple already. It would be nice if they attached to the doll in some way to avoid this happening and you’ll certainly not want to have these small parts around younger siblings – although the dolls themselves are aged for children aged 5 and over.

What did the children think?

After the initial fighting over who was to have which doll they all played happily with them showing off the features of their doll, swapping to let each other play and swapping the hair and dummies around – I did have to check the packaging pictures to match them back correctly after a little while, not that they cared.

They all loved the babbling noises and trying to decipher what they were saying. I’m not sure they are toys which will hold their attentions for over long time scales though as being on the smaller side they aren’t something they can cuddle at night…..although there is always the exception to that rule as one of these has been stolen by a friends younger brother who has taken it to bed every night (mainly because he knows it isn’t his and he is being cheeky).  It is taken away from him when he is asleep as it is a hard toy and rolling over on it would hurt.

I think these could be something Emmy takes on car journeys with her, with the accessories carefully packed into a pencil case or bag. It’s small enough to be a toy you’d take into a hotel room with you, packed away in a bag for the kids to play quietly with but in the house may be overlooked after a little while after the novelty wears off.

Surprisingly, it was our younger guests who played with these for the longest toy, perhaps as it’s a toy they are usually not allowed to play with, that of a sibling which is snatched away a soon as it’s touched.

Emmy has actually played with hers a fair bit which did surprise me if I’m totally honest, often they are forgotten days later – I think this is because she has a couple of them now – she makes them play together, starts them all at the same time so they sound like they are having a conversation or races them. This is something all the girls did together too – set them all off at the same time – walkers and crawlers and guessed amongst themselves as to who would win, almost like a mini sports day.

Bizzy Bubs available in all good toy stores or can be bought direct from

You can find out more about Bizzy Bubs on the website

Check out the takeover from the 2nd July for more info on the party and chance to win too!  Join me at the #BizzyBubsBabyShower Twitter party on Thursday 5th July from 4-6pm to find out more and win some great prizes!


Disclaimer: We received these items in exchange for a review, as always all thoughts and opinions are my own. Post contains affiliate links



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