London Fashion week – I blinked and missed it

I’m so not fashionable at all, most of my clothes I have owned for over 5 years and most even longer. 

Nothing has been purchased recently and the latest purchases are all supermarket buys while whizzing around doing the food shop so not great buys as there are never any fitting rooms – not that I do have time to try clothes on.

The kids get new clothes all the time whether they are sent them or I buy them online – I’ve no time to visit shops and if I did I dread to think what they would have me buy while there – definitely unpractical and wrong for the season.

Scrolling my Facebook feed and my Instagram feed recently I saw pictures of younger cousins attending London Fashion week, all excited and it got me thinking about times when I actually cared what I wore and what others thought of my look. 

I actually studied A Level Textiles while in the 6th form – I loved designing and making my own outfits.  I may not have been great at it but I loved it. 

Favourite past-times would be visiting the V&A museum and London fashion shows.  My dream job was to be a buyer for a major fashion brand.  Gone are those days. Gone are the days of never wearing an outfit to the same place more than once and having wardrobes full of clothes which fitted.

Now your lucky if I’ve a draw full of clothes which fit me and I am in dire need of a little Outlet Shopping to restock and resize my worn out collection.

This would be a good excuse to show you my prom dress I made wouldn’t it:

What do you think? Not bad for a first ever attempt!

Not perfect but I wore it happily to my ex’s 6th form leaving ball, proud of the fact that I made it ALL myself!

Post written in collaboration with London Designer Outlet

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