Looking back on 2014

I know it’s not over yet but with Harry being poorly again this weekend I’ve not had time to do any work, and do you know what?   It’s been really nice!
Not the germs or the fevers, the sweats or the crying……I mean the spending time with the children,  watching TV together snuggled and even having an evening sat with Paul having a take away, with no laptop between us.
This year has been super busy for me. Being self employed has added tolls and pressures and we found out just how tough it could be this year when Paul lost his job back in April.  No matter how hard he looked there was just no work for him, the pressure piled onto me as bills still need to be paid and food still needs to be in the fridge to feed the kids. 
I won’t lie to you, it was tough but we’ve been in worse situations before so we knew we would get through and we did.  I pulled my blogging socks up and worked all hours under the sun, well moon actually as I blog once the kids are in bed often having to pull all-nighters to get the work done, I sold the kids baby clothes, toys and we managed.
It worked and we are through the dark patch, Paul now has a new job and is very busy and now I’m hoping that next year I can slow down a little perhaps.
It’s also been a fun year though, we celebrated Emmy’s birthday at the beginning of the year with our annual Family holiday to Butlins, we also were very lucky to squeeze in another break to Camber Sands at the beginning of November when we visited Park Resorts for weekend to review for them (I do love my job!).
We’ve had private Parties in a closed Harrods,  attended Lollibops again, been on wonderful days out.
Emmy has settled into school well after a rocky start and I’m looking at pre-school places for Harry for next year.
This year saw me raise a lot of money for the Lullaby Trust and do something I never thought I would do as I’m scared of heights…but I did..I jumped out of a plane to raise money for charity and I’m doing it again next year too!! Yes I already think I’m insane.
This year has also been plagued with illness, My mother in law recieved news her Cancer had spread into many different places but she is tough and strong and is fighting a good fight and we are all supporting as much as we possibly can. My Dad has been in I’ll health too and both Emmy and Harry are permently poorly since Emmy started school in September.
Here’s hoping to a healthier new year!! I know that next year I plan to concentrate a bit more energy into family and home life, spend some couple time with Paul,  dare I say it….perhaps make time for a date night once a month?  I plan to free up some evenings and not stare at the computer screen every single night, maybe TheCircle has is on the tarot cards or written in my horoscope?  
I do love my job but there has to be a better work/home life balance that I’ve yet to discover.
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11 thoughts on “Looking back on 2014

  1. Sounds like you had a very tough year but I'm glad you managed to have fun it hard times too! Kudos for how strong you were during your husband unemployment! Good luck and Happy New Year, hope 2015 will be much better for you and your family!

  2. awww what a full and varied year you have had lovely .. i am so pleased that Paul is back in employment and you are now under far less pressure.

    I wish you all a lovely Christmas and the best year going forward honey xxxxx

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