Review: Post Box Game from Orchard Toys

Orchard Toys has been a favourite brand of mine for children’s games since my Nanning days, I would choose these games as gifts for birthday presents for the children every year and for their friends.  They are games will can be enjoyed by all and not only are they fun but they are educational too.
Post Box Game is aimed at younger children from 2 years +, so Harry was very keen to get started.  We don’t have many age appropriate games for him yet but I am working on that.
Inside the box are:
  • 4 Post boxes with support stands
  • 16 Letters
  • Instruction booklet
Setting up this games is very simple and easy for the children to do themselves, just slot 2 support stands onto the post box to make it stand up.
Play is simple too and can be played as alone or with up to 4 players.
Playing alone:
  • Spread the cards out on the floor face down
  • pick them up and post through the corresponding coloured letter box 
You can play this in the same way but with 2 players taking turns to turn over the letters and to post them.
This games helps to promote:  Colour recognition, language, hand-eye coordination as well as turn taking.
Another way of playing is to choose a coloured letter box each and you can only post a letter if it corresponds with your coloured letter box.  If you choose a letter and it is a different colour, put it face down again and play passes to the next player.
Harry and Emmy have been playing this together all weekend and both really enjoy it – it’s too easy for Emmy who is almost 5 however she has enjoyed trying to teach Harry his colours and showing him how to take turns (he almost has it but not quite) – it’s a nice way of them playing nicely together and means Emmy can play teacher and boss Harry around without him realising, also her favourite thing to do currently.
This really is a fun and cute little game and a perfect introduction to board games for a young child, the letters are a perfect size for toddlers to hold and from a parental point of view a good size to find once spread too far over the floor or lost under a sofa (you know it happens all the time!).
This game is priced at £9.50 and is available from as well as other good stockists.
Disclaimer:  We received this game in return for our honest thoughts and opinions. 



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