Make me better Lambie #Review

I’ve mentioned before just how much Emmy loves Doc McStuffins, she watches it all the time, has toys and her bed covers are now Doc McStuffins too.
When we were asked of Emmy would like to review the new Make Me Better Lambie toy I knew she would be delighted, I mean why wouldn’t she…it is a nightlight and toy in one, a winner right?
I’m afraid not.
Sadly neither Emmy or I are fans of this particular toy.

make me better Lambie
As a soft toy to cuddly it’s great however it’s not a cuddly soft toy alone so is over priced for that purpose alone.
It’s main function is to make Lambie better when she omits a red light from her tummy and says ‘owww owwww’.
Lambie takes 2 AA batteries which aren’t supplied. When these are put in and she is switched on a yellow light shines for a few seconds, around a minute later Lambie cries in pain omitting her red light.  The idea is to make her better by giving her an injection into her bottom, there is a light pink heart and when you touch the syringe onto it she giggles.
If you don’t do this in time she will stop making the noise but start over again in around a minute.
Emmy found it difficult to get the syringe into the right place in time  and got frustrated she she wouldn’t giggle, also she couldn’t understand why Lambie needed an injection to her bottom – I think this is because Emmy has never had an injection in her bottom so finds it a strange concept.
The other thing which has annoyed me is once you have made Lambie better and she has giggled is there is no button to press to make her ill (cry and shine the red light) again.  The only way to get the red light on again is to switch her off at her box and then off again, something which Emmy can’t do herself.
Make me better Lambie
Emmy does like to cuddle hers as she is really soft and squishy despite having the battery box inside which is great. She has become Emmy’s car journey cuddly.
There is a ‘nightlight’ button with this too, I use the term loosely though as you press Lambie’s hand and a yellow light on her heart shines for a whole 10 seconds.  Not really long enough to be classed as a night light in my opinion but is cute Nether the less.
This would be a lovely toy if there was a button to press which could make her poorly, like pressing her hand to turn the night light on.  Also if the light shined for 5 minutes or better still 10 it would be a much better.

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