Me time: binge watching TV

Finally I have found a little me time again, it is rather hard when I am working from home as there are always jobs which need doing – the washing machine is never empty, as soon as one load is cleared another load is ready. The dishwasher needs emptying and then reloading and the hovering needs doing daily.

I’ve been taking a little time out recently, not working daily and the lack of internet has certainly helped with that one I do admit. My internet went down on 1st June and has taken almost forever to fix as BT needed to run a new line into my house which took 2 weeks to happen and then it didn’t work so we needed to wait another week for them to fix. Teethering my laptop to my phone provided a little help but it was slow and uploading pictures almost impossible so instead I’ve set up a new blog – This Mummy’s Always Write and have been binge watching TV shows.

So what have I been watching recently?

I thought I would share with you:

Pretty Little Liars – I managed to watch all of those at the beginning of the year and then was stuck as I had to wait until April for the new series to start, these have aired every Wednesday and I am now up to date again.

Gilmore Girls – seeing all the hype from friends who loved this show I jumped in and loved it – Emmy also enjoyed watching this one with me, although I did prefer the earlier shows to the university years as the new Rory didn’t really have the same appeal for me.

Dexter – this is one Paul and I am enjoying together, a serial killer who only ills the bad guys, a newly married family guy who has to hide his double life from his family and his job within the police force.

Riverdale – An American teen drama based on the characters from the Archie Comics. When a boy goes missing the town assume it’s a tragic accident but all isn’t as it seems with love triangles, teen pregnancies and murder – this small quiet town has a lot of hidden secrets for a group of unlikely teens to unveil.

Free REIN – A family head to England for a family holiday while their parents decide whether or not to stay together, very quickly their LA lifestyle changes from shopping malls to horse stables. Zoe, a girl who’s never ridden before has a special bond with a troubled horse. With horse nappers on the island everyone is on edge especially when 2 horses from the same stables are stolen but thanks to team work and quick thinking all is not lost.

13 Reasons Why – I’ve just started this one and am 2 episodes in. A young girl commits suicide but all isn’t what it seems when a box of 13 cassette tapes are delivered to her friend, each revealing secret parts of her life leading up to her death. He must listen to these and then pass them on to the next person on the list until all 13 people have heard them.

These are my current Netflix watches, what do you suggest I turn to next?


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2 thoughts on “Me time: binge watching TV

  1. Gilmore girls I have loved since it first aired as I did Pretty Little Liars and Dexter. 13 Reasons Why I need to watch, but not quite built myself up to it yet. Riverdale I’ve watched a few which is good x

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