First Aid essentials for a holiday bag

School is almost out and along with the children I certainly can’t wait. We will be sleeping in, having a few extra movie nights and staying in our PJ’s for at least the first few days – we are all exhausted and in need of a few days binge watching cartoons, eating takeaways and planning for a summer of fun.

It’s hard to believe we are entering July tomorrow, this year has flown by and the children have been really busy these past few weeks at school packing in all the last activities they need to do before moving on school years in September. Harry is currently at his Reception taster day, Emmy has her moving on day on Monday where she will head to the Juniors for the day and meet her new teachers. They have been practicing for sports day which is next week, Emmy has had a school trip and Harry’s is coming up, Emmy is also practicing for her leavers show – a big end of Infants production where all year 2 children perform together and us parents will cry and wonder just how our babies are all set to head to Junior school.

Of course we have a few holidays and trips planned for the summer too, we are camping again and will be heading back to Butlins for a week, as well as cramming in some theatre shows, sleep overs, parties and days out.

We are yet to take the children abroad but hopefully that will be on our list for next year, however even when holidaying in the UK I do like to be prepared for every eventuality – there is nothing worse than being in a hotel room at midnight with a child running a temperature and all the local shops being closed, this is hard enough when at home and you know where the 24 hour petrol stations are located by away from home it somehow makes it worse.

I’ve written previously our first aid kit essentials, here are a list of things I always take away on holidays with us – not quite a full first aid kit but an essentials one which helps get us through the evening should we get poorly while away.

First Aid essentials for a holiday bag

  • Calpol sachets – easier to pack than the bottles as they take up less room and are less likely to break
  • Paracetamol – for older children, or the adults
  • Plasters
  • immodium – for older children and adults
  • Dialyte
  • Travel Sickness bands
  • Antiseptic cream
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Steri-strips – Harry is always falling over and hurting himself and these have been a godsend on 4 occasions now when he has cut himself a little deeper than a plaster along can handle
  • Sun-cream and after sun

I tend not to carry too much with us as we can buy anything else we need but these are always handy to have to hand should the need arise. Of course it isn’t just everyday bugs and sickness which can strike us down while holidaying sadly, there are the cases of undercooked food or food left on the buffet too long in the heat – while no one likes to think they could become ill on holiday we really do all need to make sure we are as careful as we can be, as you would do at home. Luckily holiday sickness claims aren’t that common it’s always important to be careful when in a holiday location and be vary of the things which could make you ill, such as not drinking the tap water in certain countries but also remembering that means refusing ice-cubes in our drinks too, something which is easy to forget as I did when in Egypt on our honeymoon and was then poorly for a good few days. Being poorly on holiday really isn’t fun at all – that holiday not only was I ill from the ice in my drinks but then on the last day I burnt to a crisp making me very sick on the plane home – something I never want to repeat again.  Also remember that things such as salads could make you ill if it has been washed in tap water – something one of Emmy’s friends parents found out the hard way only last week while on holiday.


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