Messy Me Oilcloth Tablecloth – Review

Messy Monster – that’s how we refer to Emmy most meal times.  It doesn’t matter what food you give her she will always make a mess – she could make as much mess with a plain biscuit as chocolate ice-cream.

We eat most of our meals at the dining room table with Emmy sitting at her big girls chair (wooden high chair with the baby bar removed it is just a chair) so the mess goes all over my table.

Well not any more!

Messy Me recently sent me a Oilcloth tablecloth to review.  Oilcloth is a wipe down material which is very hard wearing and resistant to most stains (not Biro as Emmy demonstrated much to my annoyance) however it has so far resisted her pasta sauces, chocolate and paint.

The Oilcloth is in a roll and cut to order for you, it is 140cm wide and you measure the length you need depending on your table, it’s suggested you include 20cm’s each end for overhang however that is personal choice.

We chose the True Blue colour and it looks great on our table and after Emmy’s messy meal times we can just quickly wipe it down and it’s ready for the next time which I find far easier than my old material table cloths.  These mats can also occasionally be popped in the washing machine at 30 degrees for a freshen up.

Priced at £18.50 it may initially seem expensive however ours is used every single day so we definitely get our moneys worth from it.

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It is also great for containing the mess of glitter and glue as well as food.
Messy me also sell oilcloth high chair covers, bibs, tunics, messy mats and bags – to see the full range visit

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