Movie night – A family affair

It’s become a little bit of a Nicholas household family tradition now that on Fridays the children come home from school, get homework done and out of the way, have dinner and then we all get changed into our PJ’s or comfy clothes, pull the curtains and settle down for a movie night.
It means the children are allowed to stay up late, I generally have the night off of working and we spend some quality time together whenever we can.
The kids love to get their blow up ready beds out for the occasion, there are loads of pillows and blankets, junk food if I haven’t prepared dinner while they are at school – Pizza on the sofa is a favourite and of course sweets and popcorn.
It is a lovely way for us all to connect and spend some quality time together, and if they are free then we love nothing more than getting the cousins round, blowing up some extra beds and sharing this time with them – of course on these occasions the noise levels rise to unbearable at times and you need to find a find to capture all from adults, teenagers down to Harry.  It’s fun nonetheless.
Of course the children love it as they are able to stay up late and we often have a camp out and sleep downstairs for the night which everyone loves (as long as I remember to keep the heating on as it’s freezing downstairs in the early hours).


Socialising and spending quality time together is the key to our movie nights, but what if you are elderly and don’t have this chance?  What if you are living away from your family in a carehome perhaps?  Well, many care homes and facilities know just how important this socialising is for keeping you happy, active and alert too so they too have movie nights, Gracewell of Kentford have a specific movie night for their residents where they can all gather in the TV room and do just as we do – socialise with other residents, invite their families to join them, enjoy special treats and a lovely movie. 

I just love this idea and feel it is so important for them, my Grandad used to live with us when I lived at home and for the social aspect which he so missed he would visit a day centre for the over 60’s where he would watch movies, play cards, dominos and various games.  He loved the interaction with others his age and to get out of the house was a treat too.  After he passed away I volunteered there for a short time and loved it just as much as he did.

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