Review: Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends™ Zooming Along at Brendam Docks

As you already know by now, Harry loves Thomas the Tank Engine – he plays with his train tracks all the time and when he outgrew his Thomas toddler bed I used the old headboard from the Thomas bed and glued it to his wall (as you do) to create a new headboard for his new big boys single bed.  He just loves it.

Recently he was sent a Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends™ Zooming Along at Brendam Docks play set which is suitable for children aged 2-5 years old.

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As the set comes in lots of pieces and Harry isn’t at all patient I set this up for him while he was at Pre-School, ready to play with on his return. 

Upon emptying out all the contents you will find very detailed picture instructions – each step shows you how to build a small part, using up to a maximum of 6 bricks at a time.  This makes setting up for younger children very easy as they can see how many of a certain shape and colour they will need then follow the picture set this up.

Mega Bloks Thomas and Friends™ Zooming Along at Brendam Docks

Initial set up for me alone with no interferences took around 10 minutes although I did have to add the stickers as I went along.  Once the stickers are one it will be quicker to set up next time – especially if you do as I do and put the bridges and cranky etc. away in the box without breaking them down again.

Mega Bloks, Thomas & Friends, Zooming along at Brendam Docks, review

Once set up fully the motorised Thomas the Tank Engine chuffs along the dock’s looping tracks.  He then goes through Sodor’s Shipping Co. warehouse, past checkpoints, under the coal chute where he can catch the coal in his carriage and then over the elevated bridge.  Cranky is on hand to help too and you can use the crane to help lift heavy loads into Thomas’ carriage.

With lots of action to this playset Harry really loves it.

Mega Bloks, Thomas & Friends, Brendam docks

Because it is a Mega Bloks set once bored with playing you can use the bricks to change the look of the set, build more bridges etc.

This provides hours of fun and has been a real hit in this household.  One thing to note is that Thomas often derails after coming down the bridge.

Priced at £49.99 and available from as well as from Argos,  Amazon
and other good retailers.

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