Must see west end shows for kids

One thing I am yet to brave with the kids which I really want to do is see a West End show.  They have seen shows at the Theatre’s locally – Peppa Pig, Ben and Holly and In The Night Garden to name just a few and they have sat wonderfully memorised so I’m not sure what is stopping me really as I’m sure they will be the same with big production shows.
I think one of the things which scares me a little is the price, the shows we have seen are specifically for children so you always expect fidgeting, restless children and dare I say it – a little noise or crying, however with west end shows they aren’t all specifically for children and I know I would feel embarrassed if the children got bored or restless.
I will be brave though!
I didn’t attend my first west end show until I was a teenager despite living so close to London and I loved it.  I have now subsequently seen a few shows and am eager to add to the list this time involving the children.
I’ve been searching around for fabulous deals for tickets as I plan to take them after Christmas as a special treat – the question is what do I book those tickets for?
I’ve narrowed it down to my favourite 3:
  • Matilda
  • Lion King
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Emmy’s favourite film at the moment is Matilda, she has watched it almost 100 times – not that I’m counting honestly, but being subjected to it daily and sometimes 2-3 times a day whenever she is poorly soon adds up.  She loves the part where Matilda discovers her talent and makes the furniture and household items dance around in her from room.
She often dances around pointing to things and trying to make them dance around and plays Matilda make believe games where Daddy is naughty and has to go into the Chokey.
I think the stage show would be amazing and really hold her attention, although I’m not sure about Harry, so it could be a Mummy and Daughter treat to see this one.
The Lion King is one I have seen myself with the children I Nannied for and it is AMAZING!  I know for sure the kids would be rooted to their seats in amazement as having seen it personally I’ve seen everyone, myself included amazed by the show.
The costumes are out of this world, the music captivating and the way the audience is pulled into the show from the off with the action leaving the stage and coming from all angles – the actors dance down the aisles and really bring this show to life – this is definitely a MUST see show. 
If I were to take both children I would be very tempted to book a hotel as well as tickets and make a weekend of it, searching  Hotel Direct theatre breaks has shown some good package deals, and doing this way would mean it wasn’t too much for Harry as we could pop to the room for some quiet down time after a matinee show and then have some more London adventures making it a real treat.
Charlie and the Chocolate factory is another film I’ve only just introduced the children too but they love it, and who wouldn’t?  A film about a factory full of various sweets and treats….what wouldn’t you love?
The songs are catchy and I can imagine the show would be riveting and the costumes colourful to say the least.
Now I’ve started looking I’ve a huge list I wouldn’t mind taking them to see and of course on a personal level I NEED to see Wicked again.  My list is getting a little out of hand now, so I ask you……What are your top 3 MUST SEE west end shows for kids?
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