My Mischievous Toddler

I’ve mentioned before on more than one occasion that Harry is often the devil, he was definitely set to try me and to send me grey before the age of 35 (that reminds me that’s in a few weeks time so best get the hair dye out again).

There are times when I feel I’ve the most Mischievous Toddler, so I thought I’d share a few of these ‘Harry Moment’s’ with you all.

Ummm where do I start?

Climbing – this is just typical Harry.  He wanted to play with the light switches so managed to climb up onto the art easel to do so.  Of course this was shortly followed by a tantrum when  he was taken down.
The only place to watch TV?  Standing on the end of a very heavy stone coffee table! – We’ve padded out the table to avoid the kids hurting themselves by falling into it – however standing on the end will upend it.
Shortly after this was followed by a tantrum as he was taken down.
Summer proved a real problem when we got a new Rabbit cage, Harry kept getting into it or standing on the roof jumping up and down. 
Shortly followed by a tantrum as he was removed.
Drawing anyone? Who needs paper?
See a theme here? – This was actually his sister but when she was his age – BOTH kids are set to try me!
Climbing on my hoover to play with the gas hob!
Shortly followed by a tantrum as he was removed.
I later found (while I was opening the door to the postman) he had climbed one of the stools, onto the breakfast bar and was sitting on top of the hob playing with the gas – needless to say no pictures for that one, windows opened and a very good telling off.  Followed by me removing the stools away and a tantrum because he couldn’t climb.
Feeding time at the zoo? I’m never allowed to help feed him, even when he was young – we went down the Baby Led weaning route – and this was his favourite game.
Do I have any tips for keeping Toddlers out of trouble?
Is bubble wrap allowed?
No, damn it!!

In that case, my tips are and these all come from personal experience:

  • If the front door can be opened from the inside – don’t assume your toddler won’t reach it and open it.
  • Keep the door locked and take the keys out of the door – toddlers can open doors with keys (Yes he did that too – and escaped!)
  • Child lock all doors/drawers in the kitchen/bathroom – they will try to drink everything and plates make excellent Frisbees
  • Distraction – be ready on hand with something to distract before the tantrum start or they are mischievous
  • Realise early on that everything is theirs!
  • Stair gates not only on the top and bottom of the stairs but their bedrooms too once they are in a toddler/big bed
  • Reins for when outside – backpack ones are great
  • Buggies – keep them in them for as long as you can! Harry has a tendency to bolt for a road so mines a godsend
Of course he is an absolute angel at times too!

14 thoughts on “My Mischievous Toddler

  1. Oh my. He has the knack for finding mischief doesn't he? The picture of him in the rabbit cage is so funny, but not quite so amusing from your end I'm sure. I am so glad that we are past the toddler stage!

  2. I love Harry! Lol he might be naughty but he is so damn cute! I don't know about him but Zach gets away with everything by saying sorry in a cute voice followed by a 'huddle' (cuddle). BOYS!

  3. Oh wow – I thought my lot were bad!!! At one stage we had SIX stairgates 😉 I've always used a large Babydan played too. I do remember my second son climbing out of his cot at 11 months – so I puy the base on the floor and screwed the sides round it to make a really really deep cot!! Not great for my back…. but brilliant for keeping him safe 😉

  4. Ha ha, I love your entry – it makes me feel so normal! Three boys who think they are starring in Cliffhanger is what I have! You're so right about the drinking anything and frisbee thing. So true. So, so, sadly true….

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