My Photo Book by Cewe – Review

I’m a typical second time Mummy.  My house is filled with framed photos of Emmy from when she was a baby and as she has grown up, however when I look around I actually don’t have any printed pictures of Harry. 

I have taken lots just have never found the time to get them printed.  It has made me rather sad if I’m honest.  I love them both equally so it seems very unfair to have pictures everywhere of Emmy and not Harry.

Finally I have righted that wrong as I was offered a £30 voucher for CEWE Photobooks to try out their service.

The hard part I found was actually choosing which photos I wanted to use.  Next was to choose between the 9 sizes of books available – I chose a large portrait sized book, the price of this starts at £12.99 before any added extras are included.

I clicked this option, downloaded the software and started by selecting my photos.
As you add you photos it give you a tally of the amount of pages needed and how many pictures you can add to each of those pages.  You have the option to change this at any time, delete some pictures, add more and to play around.
Then it takes you to the completed look of the book and it is here you can play around with the sizes and really customise your own book.

I found I easy to resize and to reshape my selected pictures and to move them around on the selected pages, however what I couldn’t figure out was how to move one single picture from one page to another.  I tried many options and just couldn’t work it out.  I could move all pictures from one page to another but not singly.

It wasn’t the end of the world though and once I had shuffled the pictures on the page, changed the sizes and created my personalised cover I was actually really pleased.

Because I couldn’t decide on which pictures I wanted to use, I ended up adding many more pages to my book.  The total cost is always clearly displayed so I knew exactly how much I was spending and could delete pictures if needed.

My whole book ended up being 38 pages and cost £37.74 which included 8 additional pages priced at £4.50 and postage and packing at £4.25.

My finished book arrived only 3 days after placing my order and I was thrilled. The quality is great and the service also good.  I would highly recommend CEWE photobooks.

my personalised photobook,, cewe photobook

Disclaimer: I was given a £30 voucher towards making my photobook

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