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Emmy has always been a light sleeper, the slightest noise, movement or car will wake her up and it’s rather annoying but there isn’t much we can do about that really.
We have blackout blinds on her windows and her door is pulled to at night but the noise outside isn’t anything we can change.
More often than not she will wake up and come into our bed around 2.30am, we went though a period of religiously putting her back in her bed but it involves us getting in and cuddling her, the sneaking out again around half hour later – when this happens every night with Harry waking during the night too it’s sometimes a little too much so she comes in with us.  I’ll be honest, sometimes I’m so tired I don’t even hear her come in, her sleeping recently has gotten a lot worse and it can be around midnight when she wakes and jumps silently into my bed.
This is usually before Paul has come to bed so she jumps into his side and goes straight to sleep, when this happens he has been sleeping in her bedroom as there is no room for him, especially when both Emmy and I were struck down with a nasty virus recently – it was easier to get into bed together and sleep the day and night away.
It was around this time we may have discovered one of the reasons for Emmy’s 2.30am appearances into our room – her room is blooming freezing around this time. The heating clicks off around 9pm so when I’d been putting her to bed I hadn’t noticed and when checking on her before I settled it was still warm in there but with Paul spending a lot of time sleeping in that room the problem became apparent.
It was perfect timing I was asked if we would like to try out some of the new Aldi SpecialBuys which just happened to be bedding.  This lovely bundle arrived in the nick of time.
We received:
  • Slumberdown single size feels like down mattress protector – Aldi SpecialBuy price £4.79
  • Slumberdown single size 10.5 Tog feels like down duvet – SpecialBuy price £8.99
  • Printed Duvet set in single size – this is checked on one side and striped on the other – £1.99
  • Easycase pillowcase pair – £6.99
Slumberdown is a brand we are used to and have many of their products on our beds already so knew the quality of these would be good. 
We didn’t have a mattress protector on Emmy’s bed before which in hindsight was rather daft, this fits on like a fitted sheet and has a slight padded feel to it.  It is easy to wash and helps to protect the bed from slippages and staining.
The Duvet is lightweight and comfortable, made from hollowfibre filling it is soft and comfortable.  Emmy had a 4.5 tog duvet on her bed before hand which did have another 4.5 tog one with it which poppered together in colder weather, I had forgotten that Harry had acquired the second duvet for his bed and it was never replaced – no wonder she was cold.
Even though this one is heavier than she has been used to she is just as comfortable in bed if not more so.
The pillowcases are a nice deep pink colour, one of Emmy’s favourite colours so they have been a hit and the duvet cover set while not a colour I personally would have chosen has been wonderfully received by Emmy who feels it’s her own grown-up bedding.  I guess there is a time when all children start to want to move away from Peppa Pig and Disney bedding and while she isn’t at this age just yet she has welcomed the change, as has Paul was who was rather unhappy sleeping in the princess bed.
The quality hasn’t been skimped on due to the low costs, the bedding is well made from good quality materials and washes well too.
With the Aldi SpecialBuy prices you can kit out a room rather cheaply and grab a few spare bedding sets for guest or for spares too.
These are currently available in Aldi stores while stocks last along with double and king sized and also pillows.
Emmy is still waking around 2.30am but at least now we know she isn’t cold – it’s either just because a habit for her which we need to break or the rabbit which is outside her bedroom window has it’s mad half hour around this time which is entirely possible as I’ve heard him a few times now.
Disclaimer:  We received these items for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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