Review: Lumie Iris Bodyclock 500

I hate winter, not only is it cold and wet but it’s dark all the time too!
There is something about the sun which cheers you up, puts a spring in your step and makes me happy!
Now remove that on a daily basis and it is hard to keep a cheery disposition.
I hate having to wake up in the dark, getting out of bed and having to turn the lights on.  It instantly puts me in a bad mood and as the children still like to get up before my alarm it’s dark currently around 90% of the time, Harry seems to have a thing about 4.10am annoyingly so I end up taking him downstairs so as not to wake Emmy (Paul can sleep through anything!).
Recently I received a Lumie Iris Bodyclock 500 to try out.   This is a bodyclock lamp which sits next to your bed usually on the bedside table.
It has a number of functions such as a clock, alarm and nightlight features but what is wonderful about this is the ability to set the sun setting and sun rise timers. Lumie Bodyclock Iris 500 combines the benefits of a gradual sunset and sunrise with aromatherapy.
Setting up does require the manual as there are so many functions and features,  for example you can set the sunrise for daily or weekly times, different times for different days or just turn it off and select when you want it.

I’ve set mine to rise every morning at 6.30am for 30 minutes Monday to Friday and it’s off at the weekends,  I can hear you laughing,  I am too but I live in hope the kids sleep in long enough to see it rise.
The sunrise is a gentle way to rouse you from your sleep,  slowly getting brighter and helping to ease you into your day. You can set an alarm too but I’ve chosen not to as I’m rarely in the room currently when it would go off and Paul is still asleep.
I’ve actually found and I was surprised that I do start to wake gently around 6.45 on the occasions I’m still in bed and the kids have allowed me a lie-in (I know only a parent of young kids can call that time a lie in).  I do have my alarm set in my phone for 7am so that wakes me if needed.
Going to bed have become a more peaceful and easier routine too as I click the sunset on when I’m in bed ready to settle to sleep, this works in reverse to the morning clock,  as you would expect,  and starts off bright gently fading to either nothing or a dim glow (you can choose whether or not to use the nightlight feature).
Inside this clock are two compartments which you fill with water and then add a few drops of aromatherapy oils.  Using two different oils will have different effects, one will help make you sleepy while the other will help to waken you up
You choose whether to have these switched on with the light settings.  They then turn off automatically when the sun settings do.
Waking up to the aroma of Lemon is a very pleasant and refreshing way to start the day while settling down with Lavender wafting around the room is very calming and is really helping me to drift off.
Priced at £160 These may not be a cheap bedside clock but they are way more than that and I actually don’t think I could put a price on a good night’s sleep if I’m honest.
This has really had a wonderful effect of my sleep,  I am finding it so much easier to fall asleep,  combined with my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod to listen to it is very rare that I hear the end of the less than 10 minute recording and I rarely hear the light click off.
A few points to mention are that there is a hum noise while this is running, you get used to it and drown it out but it is there and there is a click when the lights turn themselves off, if your not asleep it is noticeable.  Also you do need the remote control to work all the features on this and I fear it may get lost in my house with the kids around.
I love this though and would not be without it now I’ve tried.  I went away last weekend and found it rather difficult drifting off to sleep without my gentle sunset next to me!
It has even helped me to unwind after sitting infront of the screen blogging all evening long too, I used to find it hard to switch off and to unwind but not now. 
It has a very calming and gentle effect and I highly recommend this to anyone who struggles to get to sleep or finds it hard to unwind.
You can find the full range of Lumie Lights online at
Lumie Lights come with a 30 day home trial offer so if you aren’t 100% happy you can send it back again.  They also come with a 2 year guarantee.
Disclaimer:  I received this product for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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