New blog series: Guess the Baby

I recently attended a good friends baby shower and before the event we were asked to bring along a baby photo of ourselves.
Now I didn’t have any of me so asked my lovely Mummy to send some across.
During the shower we passed around the baby photos and we all had to guess the baby.
It’s actually harder than it sounds especially if you’ve more than a couple of blondes in the room for example.
I thought this would make a fun game over on the blog.
So each week I will be inviting you….YES YOU! To send me a baby picture of yourself as a baby and one of you now.

I’ll be adding up to 4 baby pictures a week along with the now pictures and your names/blogs etc (now this is NOT limited to only bloggers I want everyone to join in) and we can all Guess the Baby.  We will play this game every Monday to help fight the Monday Blues.
So, who’s in?
If you would like to join in please email me a baby picture and a picture of you now –
Lets have some fun!
Just to encourage you…this is me
I look forward to seeing all your photos – See you on Monday for a guessing game.

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