New Boots, marking the start of a new ME!

When I was pregnant with Emmy I went up a shoe size, all my beautiful heeled shoes no longer fitted however when pregnant this didn’t bother me as lets face it I lived in flip flops – even when it was snowing, damn pregnancy swollen feet.

I had hoped that once she was born and the pregnancy weight lifted my shoes may fit again but sadly this wasn’t to be.

Then alone came Harry and it was time to admit defeat.  I’ve been majorly decluttering and spring cleaning the house.  I’m being ruthless in a bid to get this place tidy.

I’ve bagged up all my clothes which don’t fit and all of my old shoes, it’s been a week filled with mixed emotions if I’m honest.  This week saw me filling 4 bin bags full of old maternity clothes, old size 16 clothes and a few size 8’s which have been hidden for years – lets face it I’ll NEVER be a size 8 again! And I plan never to be a size 16 either!  These have been taken to the clothes recycling bank at my local pool.

I’ve also bagged up a bin bag full of old shoes which will never fit again – I’ve tried and guess what?  You can’t make feet shrink!! Who knew?

My favourite clubbing shoes, my summer wedges, boots, heels all bagged up and have taken a tumble into the recycling bank too.

I’ll admit it – I feel sad about the loss of the shoes.

It’s not all doom and gloom though as these arrived for me from

Clarks Kendra August Black, Leather Boots,,
It makes a lovely change a parcel arriving for me, too often it’s for the kids and these have arrived just in time for our holiday.
They are just lovely.  I’ve never considered buying Clarks boots for myself before.  I’m not sure why as I always buy the kids Clarks shoes for their main shoes, they have others too but the ones which they wear most are their Clarks as they as well made and fit well.
The same can be said for adults boots too.  These are so comfortable, despite being high heeled there is little pressure put on the sole of your foot as they have a padded insole, and it is really padded too, feeling almost cushion like under foot.

They are a little higher than I have been wearing as it’s not always a good idea to be running around after the kids in heels – not when I manage to twist my ankle walking on flat ground in trainers.

They have made me smile, brought a spring back to my step and some added and much needed height as according to the scales in Tesco’s this week I’ve lost an inch in height!


These boots are called Kendra August (in black leather) and are also available in a Mushroom Suede style too.  They are priced £78.99.

Cloggs have a wide range of brands and styles available for Men, Women and Children and they offer free next day delivery too.

I’ll be wearing these boots as often as I can as they are that comfy.

Disclaimer:  I received these boots in exchange for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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