Groundbreaking low cost annual insurance for working parents to protect their salary in the advent of a child getting sick or injured.

*This is a collaborative post with Max Robinson founder of ChildMax*

Following the long term illness of his Step-Sister, Max saw first hand the struggles which parents are faced which when caring for a child with a long-term illness or medical condition, the time taken off of work as they need to be that child, caring for then, attending numerous medical conditions – this time need off work is unpaid in the majority of cases but as a parent it is your job to be there for your child but does mean a loss of income which is never easy for families at the best of times, and another burden you will not be needing at this crucial time.  I have seen this myself first hand within my family when a cousin was diagnosed with childhood cancer, of course we have also nursed my Mother-in-Law over the passed few years so know just how many appointments are needed with Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, blood tests and other routine appointments.

A pledge to my father – build a new insurance for working parents.

Ground breaking low cost annual insurance for working parents to protect their salary in the advent of a child getting sick or injured.

Max Robinson has created a new insurance product to protect parents’ take home salary in the event of their child being critically ill or injured in an accident.

The pledge came about after learning that his half-sister was born with serious medical complications. His father, Malcolm, divorced and re-married and started a second family. During the years of treatment his father and step mother met other families living with seriously ill children.

Although the NHS provides the best medical care, any parent of seriously ill child realizes that they become part of the care team. This can lead to less availability for work, lower earnings and possible family hardship.

With ChildMax, you’ll be there for your child’s medical emergency and be there for the recovery. The insurance policy will pay your take home salary for 12 months while you take unpaid leave to care for your child. The claim payments are tax-free.

Max was able to make a pledge to his father, as he is professionally qualified insurance practitioner with 29 years’ experience and had the confidence to develop a new insurance product for working parents. Max carried out market research in 2015 and leant that nearly half the market found ChildMax very appealing.

ChildMax is easy to understand and simple to buy annual insurance offered through the Kent based for parents who are either employed, self-employed or a director.

Parents can insure either biological, step or adopted children from 3 months to 18 years old. The take home salary that can be insured, ranges from £1,000 to a maximum of £5,000 per month. The actual premium paid by the parent is worked out using the amount of take home salary, the number and age of the children. There is a £120 (incl. IPT) minimum premium for a 12 month policy.

Following the child’s diagnosis of a specified illness or specific medical condition from an accident, the parent can elect to take up to 12 month unpaid leave from work. This can commence any time during the policy period, or in the following 10 months after the policy expires. ChildMax offers parents flexibility with claim payments, allowing them to choose to return to work on a full-time, part-time or other flexible basis. The policy will pay any shortfall each month in the take home salary.

ChildMax covers 12 specific illnesses: aplastic anaemia, benign brain tumour, bacterial meningitis, cancer, blindness, deafness, kidney failure, loss of a hand or foot, major organ transplant, multiple sclerosis, paralysis of limbs and stroke. It also covers 7 medical conditions from an accident: coma, traumatic brain injury, loss of a hand or foot, blindness, third-degree burns, deafness and paralysis of limbs.

The sale of ChildMax is regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and is part of FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) and is part the FOS (Financial Ombudsman’s Service).

For more information visit or telephone the UK team on 0333 323 0098.

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