New year, new me! NO WAY! NO New Year’s Resolutions here

New year's resolutions

Been there and done that, New Year’s resolutions are so last year don’t you know!

I haven’t actually made them for a few years now because it’s just setting myself up to fail.

Join a gym and actually go…….I know there is no point setting that one. I live with a swimming pool/gym in the next road to me, it’s less than a 3 minute walk and if I’ve not gone in the 12 years I’ve lived here I’m not likely too just because it’s January.

Lose 2 stone. Well yes I would like to lose the 2 stone I managed to put back on last year after doing so blooming well the year before but I’ll opt for lose SOME weight. I don’t want to be a slave to the scales and worry that I really fancy a Chinese. Moderation is the word and theme here.

Dry January……NOT even a consideration. I’m off out for leaving drinks with my Brother-in-law tonight, he’s off travelling for a few months and I’ve a girls night on Friday and another the following Friday.  I do definitely need to cut down though (my bottle recycling leaves nothing to the imagination this festive period….the evidence is all there and I apologise for when a Prosecco draught hits as I’ve drunk it all).

Dieting…..I don’t do diets. I don’t like being told what to do. The rebel in me sees me reaching for a takeaway faster than Emmy can hunt out my chocolate stash. I have however purchased a new soup maker which is currently being over worked already. Emmy has been helping make some tasty soups (Carrot & Coriander and Leek & Potato) this week…..they’ll be no cabbage soup diets here though!

Walk more….well I do that anyway. I refuse to take the car on the school run as by the time I’ve loaded the kids in, driven there and parked, unloaded them all and then got into school it is actually quicker to walk. The same goes for the school pick up….you can never park near the school so I end up leaving in the car at the same time I would do to walk, factor in red lights and the sheer volume of traffic getting home…..I can walk faster!

Be more organised! Well I have started thinking about doing my tax return ready for the end of month deadline, paperwork has been shifted from one pile to another….that counts right? Maybe writing to-do-lists daily again will be good for me – even if it is just to cross out one thing and re-write again the next day.

I seem to be on a roll already. Job done!

Happy New Year Everyone


I’m sure I’ll think of other goals but the important ones and making more memories with my children and having lots of family fun…….that can start later though as quite frankly they are screaming, shouting and so ready to go back to school…..oh wait that’s me ready for them to go back, not them!


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8 thoughts on “New year, new me! NO WAY! NO New Year’s Resolutions here

    1. This made me smile – glad I’m not alone – my social media is full of moaning posts about dry January and how they are struggling already lol

  1. Why would anyone even consider being dry in January – the coldest, darkest month of the year. I have made a pact to not drink everynight and try and stick to weekends only and have broken my slimpod out again but that’s it. Enjoy your nights out 🙂

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