Not your usual bank holiday weekend start!

I love a Bank Holiday – it’s like a Sunday for me and I was especially looking forward to the one just gone.
We have been so busy for the past few weeks that I had planned NOTHING!!
It was to be a pyjama day – we have a few new DVD’s which have been sent for review to watch and that was my only plans for the day.
Monday started earlier than I had hoped, with Harry waking before 6am – this is never good when I’ve been up working until around 1.30am the night before.
Emmy woke around 7.30am and was feeling sleepy and cuddly.
With milk and cookies we took to the sofa with blankets and pillows and snuggled – all 3 of us at one end of the sofa.
What happened next is, well…… I still actually don’t have the words for it if I’m honest which is unusual so I will just show you instead.

A lorry driver reversed into it and knocked it through my fence and into my front room doors.
It actually fell touching the glass of the door – I’ve paint from the shade on my door where is came to a stop.
We were all very lucky
YES it is bad BUT it could have been 100% worse
We are still dealing with the aftermath of the damaged caused, it can all be replaced in time – the fence, the green house, the kids play house and the rabbit hutch were all damaged in one way or another and of course the lamppost.
The police arrived very quickly and National Grid despite being a bank holiday were here within 2 hours to remove the lamppost from our garden.  It took them all day to make the outside safe as they needed to drill down into the ground to get to the rest of the post and to the wires.
Emmy has effected most by this.
She has been having nightmares and has spent every night since it happened in my bed, we’ve also discovered she is scared of the dark – something I was unaware of as he had a street light shining outside here window every night.
I just thank our lucky stars that it was raining as the kids and I would have been in the garden otherwise.
I hope your bank holiday was better than mine.



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