Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Today was a family day.

We met up with my Brother, Sister-in-law, Nephews, My parents and my Sister-in-laws sister, husband and their girls at Southend.

Heading down for around 3.30pm we planned to hit the beach, have some dinner and then head to Adventure Island to enjoy the rides for a few hours.

Baby playing in the sand, first play with sand, southend, emmys mummy

We all had a ball.

Harry LOVED his first play with the sand – so much so he kept trying to eat it, handfuls at a time. 

Emmy loved paddling in the sea with Mummy and Nanny, although Nanny wasn’t very keen on getting too wet when Emmy wanted to go deeper.

Heading past the arcades, Emmy kept diving in and choosing which rides she wanted to go on and we even found some suitable for Harry too.

Here is Harry’s first ever go on a tea cup ride – he loved it, although kept a very serious face while giggling and refusing to sit down.
southend arcades, family fun, first go on the arcades, emmys mummy

After a bite to eat we took advantage of the half price wrist band offer in Adventure Island – after 6pm, which meant we could get Emmy a Red wrist band (under 1 metre tall) for £7.50 and go on as many rides as she liked – as she is under 1.2 metres this meant she had to have an adult accompany her on all rides and because this is mandatory it is free for either Paul or I to accompany her onto the rides.

She thrived on the freedom of being able to chose which rides she wanted to go on – within reason as she could only go on ones suitable for Red wrist band holders, and being able to chose who went on with her – Mummy or Daddy.

We left at just before 8pm and she was able to make full use of her band – the queues surprisingly weren’t too bad, so we managed about 12 rides in total.

Southend, Adventure Island, kids on rides, toddler rides, emmysmummy

Harry couldn’t go on any of these however he was very content to show off his new trick – waving, and waved and clapped Emmy on most rides – he also had a snooze and giggled or watched in awe all the rides, eyeing up his favourites for a later date.

Both kids slept in the car on the way home after a wonderful day out, Emmy is already planning her next seaside trip!

Southend fun, emmys mummy
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6 thoughts on “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

  1. Looks like a great day. I always went to Southend, Clacton & Walton on the Naze as a child and had some great times. Give Walton a visit as it is only a little further away from Clacton, and better for toddlers in my opinion…

  2. What a lovely family day out with such fun and laughter! The beach is always a hit for all ages and teaming that up with Adventure Island is guaranteed to keep the children happy. Thanks for linking up and sharing your family outdoor fun with Country Kids.

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