Our fur babies are part of the family too

Our fur baby, Barney, has just turned 14 years old this month. He has been an important part of our family for around 13 and a half years now – an unplanned but very welcomed and much loved member of our family.

He was of course here before the children came along, before Paul and I were even married and he just slotted into our family like he was always meant to be here. He was a rescue dog, left tied up to a bus stop near a vets the week before Christmas, approximately 6 months old.

Puppy Barney

He came to us the very next day, with our home check waiting until after the Christmas break after he had been here for a few weeks already – there was no way he was going anywhere that’s for sure. He used to go to the office with Paul daily and rarely was there anytime he was alone, not much has really changed except he now stays home with me all day and due to his age he sleeps most of the day.

Just as you would with children, animals need attention and medical care, they need their injections/vaccinations they need TLC, bathing and as you would check a child’s hair for headlice pets need their fur checking for fleas and ticks too.

A recent survey carried out by Pet Parasite Action, of over 1000 dog owners nationwide, found that while 85% of us happily hug our dogs nearly a third of those has then found pet parasites on themselves or their  children – they have also admitted to not knowing which parasites are most risky to our pets or our families.

I do find this very alarming, especially as parasites such as roundworm Toxocara can cause blindness and neurological problems in children, lungworm can be fatal to dogs and ticks can transmit diseases, some of which can be deadly to dogs and debilitating to humans.

Treating our pets is actually a painless and easy process of making sure their vaccinations are up to date and regularly treating them against parasites inside and out. Regular grooming will help to keep their fur in tip top condition and baths too.

With our family pets really being like a member of the family it really is important to look after them properly, the survey revealed that the majority of pet owners allow their dog onto their bed and sofas, they also allow them to lick their faces, while some even allow them to lick their dinner plates – if we really thought about all the potential risks. I’m sure we would act to help protect our pets and or family.

TV presenter Jenni Falconer is backing a campaign which aims to raise awareness of the need to treat.

“As a dog owner and Mum, I want to be sure I do the best thing for my pet and my family. During the Pet Parasite Awareness Campaign, I’m encouraging all pet owners to visit their vet for a simple way to help protect their pet against parasites inside and out, including those that might be harmful to the rest of the family. Let’s act now to protect all members of our family, furry or otherwise.”

Vet practices across the country will be taking part in this campaign during June and July, for further information on pet parasites, please do visit the website petparasiteaction.co.uk or you can visit them over on Facebook and Twitter.

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2 thoughts on “Our fur babies are part of the family too

  1. aww Clare he is lovely, how did i not know you had a dog! Ollie is desperate for a dog and i keep saying no. Oh how i wish my OCDness would let me as I loved my family dog as a kid

    1. Awww that’s a tricky one. How about something smaller like a guinea pig?
      This will be our last pet for a while, we won’t replace when he sadly leaves us

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