Out growing the house, how is that even possible? #AD

When I moved into our house many moons ago, Paul and I were engaged and moving into a 4 bedroom house seemed a little strange to our friends, we actually didn’t plan on staying here – buying only as a help to Paul’s parents as this was their house and the buyer backed out at the last minute meaning that they were in danger of losing their dream home.

Life then got in the way and instead of selling it for something smaller we stayed here, never for one minute did we think we would fill this house to the rafters but fast forward 14 years, 2 children, a dog and 2 fish and it is now fit to bursting.

Of course, moving for us isn’t an option, we have no need to – we already have a massive kitchen, a huge front room and a spare bedroom. I just have to continue sorting through our rooms, bagging up toys which aren’t played with, clothes which don’t fit and not purchasing too many replacements. How on earth 2 small children accumulate so much stuff is a mystery however in their eyes it’s all necessary and their favourite toy/outfit/teddy/cardboard box ever!

We are really lucky in that our kitchen was extended by my In-Laws long before they sold up and that added space means we are able to add a large dining table and 6 chairs into the kitchen area as well as having a breakfast bar area which also houses the hob and a small fridge. We also have a big larder cupboard and enough space to home a lot of the kids toys and arts & crafts equipment.

They also knocked out a wall in the front room which was originally a dining room to make a huge open room, half of this we use as our front room and the other half as a playroom – having this as open plan means the kids can play happily and not have to come into another room to find us.

My playroom

The only thing I wish I had in my house was a roof room I could hide away in – I would love a house big enough for bedroom in the roof with a big winding staircase, a shower room or a private bathroom which isn’t littered with kids bath toys and it would be off limits to the children. I would have a dressing table where I could leave my creams and make-up out, I could keep my jewellery out in plain sight and the kids couldn’t tangle it or lose it and I would have beautiful VELUX blinds covering my sky light windows. Of course this will NEVER happen but a girl can dream can’t she?

I’m not the only one, I asked a few friends if they could extend their home what would they have done, and they too like to dream:

Stacey from Stacey in the Sticks would like to extend up into the roof so she could have a library/reading room, my husband would love his own library I’m sure – I had to put a ban on paper books entering the house due to the lack of space, until he gets rid of some of the old ones.

Rachel – Coffee, Cake, Kids – says she lives in a bungalow so would now hate to extend upwards but would really like a conservatory which she would use as a play room for her children.

Sarah – A few favourite things, says she would like to extend outwards as she loves the idea of being able to add a space the kids can use as their own space when they are older, or which can be used as a granny flat/annex.  I had friends when I was growing up who’s parents turned their sheds into a sort of teen den, with fridges and TV’s, games consoles etc – it’s a great idea otherwise where else to they go to get some privacy but at the same time you know they are safe and not roaming the streets.

Katy – Katy Kicker, also likes the idea of a whole floor child free for her and her husband.

Frances, Whinge Whinge Wine is actually in the process of extending and just waiting for her double story extension work to start, she has just had the conservatory removed and said ‘the shit’s just got real, but I can’t wait – we’re going to have a new lounge, a new bedroom with en-suite and a downstairs loo which is my dream’.

Mary’s dream is to have a proper dining room and play room which would allow her a grown up living room free from Lego, while Jade who is currently lacking downstairs space is actually moving to solve this problem.

If you could extend your home what would you have done?

***Collaborative post***


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2 thoughts on “Out growing the house, how is that even possible? #AD

  1. Interesting read. Glad to see I am not the only 1 who dreams of home alterations. 3 of 4 of our adult children have left home and I still crave for a conservatory on the back of the house

    1. Lol definitely not alone Carol.
      I’m always dreaming of that lottery win so I can get the house as I’d like. Better start playing really lol

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