Pedigree Joint Care + trials – week 1

Challenge 1 – Life before joint care

Our lovely dog Barney is an adored member of our family – here long before Emmy arrived (maybe in a bid to stop me being broody by Paul) he arrived almost unannounced the week before Christmas, a few days before my Birthday on December 19th 2004 aged around 6 months old.

Barney was a rescue dog.  He was left tied to a Bus stop the day before, hungry, thin and alone.  Paul knew a lot of people at the council at the time as he was working with his dad in their building design company – Paul happened to be on the phone to someone in the council at the time Barney was picked up and brought in, they knew Paul’s dad had dogs and we were thinking of getting one ourselves – that was all it took.  Barney came to live with us the very next day.

As is the same with people Barney has started to grow old, it is noticeable after a long walk or in the mornings when he has been laying down for long periods – his back legs are stiff and for about 20 minutes or so he walks with a limp until he has warmed up a bit.  This is very upsetting to see as he loves running around especially with Emmy.  He comes everywhere with us, in the car, out to lunch, to the park etc and very rarely stays home alone – he is our first baby.

Barney has been enrolled onto the Pedigree Joint Care trials, for a period of 6 weeks he will be taking a Joint Care treat a day to see if this helps improve things for him.  I would love to see some results with this and get our old beloved dog back.  Not that being sore at all does stop him at all – he still runs madly after a ball, stick, kite or whatever he manages to find while out on our walks (he manages to find a ball every time we are out).

Barney has been having the Joint Care+ treats for a week now, it is still early days so we hope to see some results over the next few weeks.  We also have tasks to complete each week, we don’t know what they are yet so are excited to find out.

(Barney aged 8 years old)

Pedigree Joint Care +

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