Pedigree Joint Care+ trials – week 5

We have now hit week 5 of the Pedigree Joint Care+ trials and Barney is no longer sore and stiff, even after his nice long walks and a well deserved lay down he now gets straight up without limping or showing signs of any obvious stiffness.

I’m impressed – we lost one of our family dogs when I was growing up, an Alsatian, his back legs went and we were beginning to worry about Barney incase his age was beginning to show early on, this now longer appears to be the case.

Challenge 4

Show what your dog doing his best playing, having fun and doing tricks:

Now Barney has been having fun and is a very playful dog again and the following pictures show him having as much fun as he did when he was a puppy (although my camera skills are rubbish and getting action shots have proven impossible).

wet dog, dog falls into water,
Post Swimming


 (On your marks, get set…..Mum – just take the picture already!)
(Ok, are you ready….GO!!  She missed again – I’m not performing any more!! I already look like a  Kangaroo)

Pedigree Joint Care+

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