Have yourself a personalised Christmas with Toxic Fox

I’m a sucker for anything personalised – I can’t help it, it stems from my childhood and spending far too long trying to find my name on things.  It’s not like I’ve an unusual name at all however many companies seem to love to add an I to Clare making it something I refused to buy – my name is not Claire, yes I’m picky I know and I can imagine how frustrating it is to NEVER find your name on these items as yours is an unusual name.
Toxic Fox got in touch and asked if I would like my very own personalised ClaireaBella bag and I instantly jumped at the change – I adore ClaireaBella bags, they are fun, funky and unique too.
ClaireaBella bags are all hand painted – some are set designs and others can be fully customised to look just like you (or a friend/family member).
I was offered a personalised Jute bag and I couldn’t wait to see what they would come up with.
First off you add the name you want on your bag (up to 12 characters in length)
You can choose your hair length:
Then you choose the colour:
Next up is choosing your outfit style – this depends on the bag you have chosen.
Then you choose your eye colour and skin tone:
The artists then work their magic – Here is my finished bag:
I just LOVE it.  It’s so very me – Jean’s, T-Shirt and a Glass in hand – it’s the me how I wished I looked.  I definitely don’t own that waist and my Red hair is usually swept behind an Alice band but it’s how my hair is on a night out.  This is my alter ego – the Me before kids.
These bags make great presents for friends and family – something different.  It’s guaranteed that they won’t bump into someone else with an identical bag.
Prices for these Jute bags start from £24.99 for small bags and range up to £44.99 for large ones – mine is this large Jute bag and cost £39.99
I was also asked if I would like to create a personalised Typography picture of my choice, it was a very hard choice as there are so many to choose from:
  • Hearts
  • Word frames
  • New Baby
  • High Heel Shoe
  • Cocktail Glass
I opted for a cocktail glass.  You can create your design on the website using the template so you know exactly what it will look like in advance.
You choose your colour from one of 8 colours, then use 10 words you want in your artwork – you can change the look of the piece by moving the words around.
I really like the way you are able to see the art work unfold as you type in your words – the ones in Pink I’ve added and the others are already on the Cocktail glass.
This arrives beautifully framed and behind a lovely mount to finish the picture off. 
A wonderful personalised gift which will be cherished and unique – add dates, names, nicknames and make this as special and unique as you like.
This lovely gift is priced at £39.99 and is also available from www.toxicfox.co.uk who you can also follow over on Facebook and Twitter.
If you are looking for personalised Christmas gifts then I highly recommend both of these – last Christmas orders are being taken this weekend.
Disclaimer:  We received these gifts in return for an honest review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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One thought on “Have yourself a personalised Christmas with Toxic Fox

  1. oh clare that bag is fantastic i love the design! and i am totally loving the typography picture .. these are right up my street and with a new nephew due in a few days i may have to purchase!

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