Personalised Hair Clip Plaque – Review

It’s a girl thing!

Masses of hairbands, bows, hair clips and accessories.

I can’t help myself, nor can Emmy and neither can Nanny.  Every time we go out we seem to accumulate more and for a good reason – Emmy is always loosing them!

I must have brought 100’s of hair clips and hair accessories over the last year and a half, I know Emmy is 3 and a half but her hair never grew until recently and now is a mass of curls which need taming.

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The trouble I find is where do you keep all of the hair accessories?  Hair bands all go into a box, as do the ribbons, however the hair clips are usually in pairs so when thrown into her box we can never find the matching pairs again.

Cute Cute Boutique have the solution to this which is a personalised plaque with ribbons attached for keeping hair clips all together and cutely displayed.

You can choose what you would like it to say, so I chose “Emily’s clip’s”

It’s a very cute wooden plaque with 3 long ribbons attached for adding the clips onto.

personalised clip holder, hair clip holder,

I’ve hung this in Emmy’s bedroom where at a later date I will be buying or making her a dressing table with a nice mirror.

We’ve added all her clips onto this and she can now choose which she wants in the morning allowing me to actually tame her wild mass of curls.

These plaques are available from and are priced at £8.99

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