Physical and Mental Stimulation: How to Keep Kids Entertained at Home

How many times have your kids displayed symptoms of the boredom blues? For most parents, more often than not.

Kids tend to display signs of boredom more during the winter months…which is completely understandable. Depending on where you live, weather conditions are worse than others and can prevent being able to go to different places for entertainment.

But not being able to go places for entertainment shouldn’t stop the fun train. Yes, there’s toy stores, movie theatres, and arcades that spark our children’s interests, but we can also entertain our kids right from the comfort of our own home. Let’s explore some ways to keep your kids physically and mentally entertained at home

Dance Parties

Dance parties can be quite fun for not only your kids but for the parents as well. Dancing is a great way to get your kids physically active.

If you think about it, dancing and music has been linked to fitness for a long time. I mean, the purpose of Zumba, Salsa, and hip-hop dance classes are typically for physical fitness. So why not host your own dance class in the form of a party.

Doing this gets your kids moving, as well as giving you insight to the types of music they like and dislike. It will be somewhat of a teachable moment for you. So move the furniture around to make way for a dance floor, turn the music up high, and dance your heart out!

Kids know all the latest dance moves too. Having these dance parties at home will allow you to be hip to what’s hot and what’s not. There are all kinds of dance challenges out now that are fun to do with your kids.

For instance, at one point, there was the “running man challenge” and now you have the “keke challenge.” These particular dances and challenges are of the hip-hop genre of music, but these challenges are for anyone, regardless of what type of music you like. The objective of these dances and challenges is can you do it? And if you are really stuck for ideas then there are loads of Just Dance videos on YouTube – my kid’s love choosing the person dances and getting me to join in. 

So, don’t be the not-so-cool parent who doesn’t know any of the cool dance moves. Go bond with your kids and have a dance party…if you do this, you just might earn the title of “life of the party.”

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are fun at any age. I’ve been to hotels and resorts that had an activities department, and their scavenger hunts were the activity that had the most participation. There also was a prize at stake, so if you’re going to do this at home, you might want to up the ante by having a mystery prize for the winner.

There are 2 different types of scavenger hunts you can have. There are the “clue-by-clue” scavenger hunts, and then there are the “who has the most” scavenger hunts. Both of the types of scavenger hunts can be done at home.

For the clue-by-clue scavenger hunts, you’ll give them their first clue (you can either tell them or write it down). Typically the first clue will be some sort of riddle they’ll have to figure out (get those brains working!). It’s even more fun if the riddles rhyme!

For example, “Finding your first clue will be so neat, especially if it’s with all the sweet and yummy treats!” This rhyming riddle should make your kids immediately think of the kitchen first, and then they’ll probably start looking in the pantry or cabinets…that’s where you will hide the next clue for them to solve.

Scavenger hunts are very beneficial for your kids. They foster the utilization of their problem-solving skills, as well as allowing you to see how they follow directions. Your kids are really thinking and learning while having fun, but don’t tell them that because they will immediately be turned off and not want to do it anymore…that’ll be our little secret.


Crafting allows your children to express their creative possibilities. It’s also one of those learning and educational things that kids enjoy, but you can’t tell them how beneficial it is to them.

Crafting improves coordination, fine motor skills, and boosts their self-esteem with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction in knowing they did a good job on something.

I’ve found it quite successful doing crafts at home that serve a purpose (even if it really just creates junk). If your child really enjoys colouring, then his/her purpose is to colour this picture so that it can make the refrigerator look pretty.

Crafting with a purpose would be more along the lines of painting wooden picture frames or making bird feeders. The painted picture frames would be showcasing pictures of their friends and family or can be given as gifts, while the bird feeders will make your child feel like he’s keeping the birds from starving.

Staying in isn’t a means to an end. You can even take your crafting with a purpose to the next level. The kids can do a remodel of their room too. Have them pick a theme for their room, and unleash the creativity! If your child enjoys butterflies, you all can paint wooden butterflies. Wooden butterflies can be found at most craft stores.

Sharing Your Secrets

Sharing is caring, right? Absolutely! Especially when it comes to tips and tricks on making the parenting load a little lighter.

If you are crafty and creative, then your advice on activities is very valuable to parents who do not share that same skill. Creating your own blog is definitely the route to go share what you know about kid entertainment and activities.

You’ll want to first find the right domain. Picking a domain that’s relevant to what you’re going to be talking about is very important. It gives your readers an idea of what your blog is about.

So when it comes to this entertaining your kid’s thing, share the wealth! You never know who you may help.

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