Plans for our 40th Birthday’s – a year of fun and activities

As I have mentioned a few times recently, both Paul and myself are turning 40 next year, and while we have a few ideas of things we would like to do for those special birthdays it could become expensive to do all at one time. Instead we will be planning a few things to do over the course of the year.

Not quite a 40 before 40 list because neither of us are organised enough, and while I have until December next year until I turn 40, Paul’s big birthday is in April so would have less time to complete, instead I would like to plan a few activities for us to complete throughout the year so we can keep the celebrations going for as long as possible.


The first on my organising list is deciding on where and when our big family holiday will take place, I want to get that sorted as soon as possible as then I have longer to pay it off and my monthly payments will be lower.

We haven’t been abroad since before the kids were born as finances haven’t allowed so just where to go as a family is a whole new concept for me and it’s actually a mine field – I want somewhere hot but not too hot (I made that mistake Honeymooning in Egypt – I don’t cope well when it’s too hot), somewhere near the beach and town so we can venture out of the complex if we want to explore as staying onsite for me gets too boring. I want it to be something the kids will enjoy more than me if I’m honest – holidays now are all about them so a nice pool, water slides perhaps and possibly a kids club. I’m unsure if they would actually go to the clubs as they’ve never been and prefer to stay with us but having the option would be nice, even if its so Paul and I could have a nice meal in peace.

While I’m not one for sun bathing, I would like to not have to go in the pool with the kids all the time so need somewhere I can watch them frolic alone at times – they can both swim really well.

Another thing I am looking for is a larger hotel room, better family sleeping options – all sleeping in one hotel room gets too much after a night or two tops so I can’t imaging spending 7 days all confined in one room. This seems harder to find unless we book connecting rooms which is an added expense or a villa which I would prefer not to do as I have my heart set on that all inclusive holiday experience.

If you know anything which ticks those boxes do let me know.

Mini Break without the kids

Always a little harder to organise but do-able. A mini break of just 2-3 nights away with Paul would be nice.

I would love to head to a county hotel somewhere for some peace and quiet, somewhere where there aren’t kids running around and the added option of  hot tub would be amazing.

Somewhere I can sit and relax reading an actual book, having a long soak in a tub not filled with bath toys and having a nice stroll to a quaint pub for a leisurely lunch where I can sip on a cold glass of wine and eat all the food on my plate myself without having to share.

Room service breakfast and lazing in bed until lunchtime in fluffy robes watching what we want on TV and time to reconnect together in peace without interruptions from kids coming in saying they can’t sleep or waking me a 6am.

A spa day for me

An indulgent one for me alone. A night alone or with my bestie in a spa.

A day and a night relaxing and enjoying a few treatments.

I can happily sit in a room with my bestie and we can enjoy each others company without speaking for hours at a time. We are both busy working mums and get over whelmed, sometimes words aren’t needed and we are comfortable sitting together quietly enjoying the silence and not being asked for drinks, snacks etc from the kids.

Of course, we always make up for the silence with fits of giggles and so much fun.

We could enjoy a lovely massage, a relaxing swim or just sit in the jacuzzi for a while before having a nice dinner together and then hitting the drinks we would have packed instead of luggage because who needs clothes in a spa anyway?

Birthday ideas for 40th birthdays

Experience days

There are a few things we would love to do over the course of the year.

Driving experiences

Paul loves speed and really wants to take part in a track day where he can drive around the cars of his dreams – there’s no way he is getting a racing car as a family car so it could be his only chance to experience them, unless he wins the lottery and then could have a second or a third car at home.

These types of gifts aren’t just for the men though and women enjoy them just as much as men. I remember when I was younger my Dad had been given a track day experience as a gift, sadly his back condition didn’t allow him to take part on the day we attended but my brother and I were able to become passengers in a racing car on the track. My brother went before I did and loved it. There was someone else in front of me in the queue who when they started didn’t enjoy it and he asked them to stop after just one lap – this was amazing for me as not only did I get my 3 laps around the track, I got the other persons extra laps and as I was enjoying it so much we did an extra one on top. It was a day I talked about for years to come – I was telling the driver to go faster and faster and loved every minute of it.

With so many different types of driving experiences on offer it is just a case of picking which would suit us. I really fancy having a go at off-roading or having a go in a monster truck

Sky Diving

This has been something Paul has always said he would like to try, and he was very jealous when I actual did one for charity a few years ago.

Although I was absolutely terrified when I was up in the plane and struggled to catch my breath when in free fall, this is something I would happily do again – only not in the rain this time as it was so painful with the rain hitting my face at 13,000ft.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Another thing on my wish list is to head up in a hot air-balloon.

This is one we could all do as a family – of course I would be hanging onto Harry for dear life as I know my daredevil could try to lean over the sides for a closer look.

Helicopter trip over London

London is our favourite place and we have travelled it and seen it from all angles except from the air – unless you count heading up the shard which is high but I’d love to be even higher up.

A helicopter ride sound so much fun and another we could all enjoy as a family.

I’m sure there are other things I’ll be adding to my list as I think of them.

What’s on your wish list for your next big birthday?

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