Preparing the family for the back to school bugs and germs

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With both children in full-time school, I know only too well that they pick up bugs and germs at the drop of a hat. Both of mine have rather poor attendance levels due to having to be off of school for 48 hours every time they have a sickness or tummy bug. Sadly this happens more often than I would like, as let’s face it – kids hygiene standards are poor or non-existent. I can’t remember how many times I’ve sent them back into the bathroom for not washing their hands so just imagine a school full of children with sub-standard hand washing practices.

It’s no wonder kids are poorly so often once they start school, and in turn, we are rewarded with them passing on those disgusting bugs to us parents.

During the Summer holidays, I teamed up with iHerb to try out some of their Nature’s Way vitamins and healthcare products with the children. We started during the holidays in a bid to boost the children’s immune systems and get the much-needed vitamins into them before school began again.

I do try to ensure my children eat a healthy and balanced diet – they love all vegetables and will eat most fruits without a fuss, in fact these are what they pile their plates with if we head off to a buffet or carvery, but they can be fussy on pulses, beans and wholemeal foods. They like their plain pasta and meat can be hit or miss with them both and of course, as all children do they love their crisps, chocolate and sweets.

Emmy has been having a Nature’s Way Alive! Children’s Chewable Multivitamin in the mornings when she has her breakfast. We have choose the mornings to take these as I would forget them come evening time, but if I place the vitamin boxes next to the kettle in the morning they are easy to remember and they don’t get forgotten.

These chewable tablets are harder than the gummy type ones she had previously and have two flavours in the bottle – Orange and Berry fruit flavours.

They are a complete multivitamin, which aid support for the whole body including:

  • Healthy Immune Support – Vitamins A, C & D, Zinc and Iron
  • Bones & Teeth – Calcium, Folic Acid, Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin D
  • Healthy Eyes – Vitamin A (Beta Carotene), vitamins C & E, Zinc
  • Physical Energy – B-vitamin complex, Magnesium
  • Digestive Health – Calcium, Folic Acid, vitamin D

Getting Emmy to chew these was initially difficult as the texture was new to her but sucking them also works, and if she does that while watching TV in the mornings she forgets she is even doing it. Children over the age of 4 can have 2 of these per day.

While we are heading into the winter months I have also started adding some of the Nature’s Ways, Immunables into the kids cereals. Immunables, Kids Immunity are vanilla flavoured powders which you can either pour straight into your child’s mouth or add to juice, milk or mix into their cereals.

They contain a unique probiotic blend of B.Lactis Bi-07 and L. acidophilus NCFM to help support children’s immune health.

I mix these into the kids cereals in the morning and they can’t even tell they are there.

Another product we have to try is Nature’s Way Original Sambucus for kids, Elderberry – this is an elderberry syrup and can actually be used by children an adults.

It is a liquid made from Black Elderberries and is taken daily (5ml for children aged 1-6, over 6’s 10ml daily). It is traditionally used as a winter remedy to help ward off colds. Of course, nothing will prevent the common cold but it doesn’t hurt to get our bodies in tip top condition so we can fight them off quicker by boosting our immune systems.

Elderberries have been used for centuries as a natural remedy. The work of a leading scientist brought the health-giving properties of the black elderberry to the modern pharmacy and health food store.

The last product we were sent isn’t one we have needed to use yet. Nature’s Way, Umcka Coldcare, a children’s cherry flavoured syrup while is designed to speed up the recovery time of winter illnesses such as colds, coughs, sore throats as well as nasal & chest congestion.

To be used with children over the age of 6 years old – it is ready in the cupboard for when those nasty coughs start spreading around the classrooms.

Do your children take any vitamins? Are you more cautious of ensuring they do now they are in school and can pick up far more bugs and germs?


Customers can get a discount off their Nature’s Way order and new customers can get an additional $5 off their minimum $40 order by clicking here!

Disclaimer: I was given a voucher code to purchase my recent Nature’s Way products from iHerb which a Google Trusted Store, there are lots of different products available from household items to baby products, pet products and supplements.  They actually stock over 400 Nature’s Way products for both adults and children. They ship internationally to over 160 countries and their Customer Service Team provides support in 10 different languages. Although my purchased items were being shipped overseas to me I was pleasantly surprised to find they took less than one week to arrive safe and sound and ordering was very easy once I had created an online account.


17 thoughts on “Preparing the family for the back to school bugs and germs

  1. This looks good! I’m actually having a big cold myself duuuh !
    This period is always the “best” to get sick !
    Thaks for sharing your tips !

  2. I haven’t heard of this brand but I will definitely have to check it out. My oldest just started school so this will be something handy to have around the house.

  3. Great tips! With kids it’s difficult to ensure that they are careful around germs but these immunoboosters should definitely help

  4. I agree but however If a confirmed bed bug was found on a student, then the school principal or nurse should contact the student’s parents or guardian to inform them of the bed bug presence on their child. … Students should not be excluded from school due to bed bugs unless repeated efforts have been made to remedy an infestation.

  5. We lock it down like Fort Knox when school season rolls around. I’m talking hand washing, hand sanitizing, covering the cough – anything possible to keep that business away from us.

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