Printing with Mega Blocks

It was Emmy’s Daddies Birthday on Saturday and whenever I can (time allowing) we always make cards for special occassions.

Paul is obsessed with Lego, he is collecting the Mini Figures at the moment and my kitchen shelves are covered in them, every time he goes out he comes back with even more Mini Figures for his collection, so with his birthday looming I knew exactly what to buy him.  Lego – he got a box of 650 pieces of Lego so he can build with Emmy and hopefully build himself some sort of display stand or frame for his figures so they stop falling over ever time I open a cupboard in the kitchen.  We also brought him a book with over 500 lego building ideas and a Mini Figures Lego sticker book – He was one very very happy Daddy that morning.

With this theme in mind, I set Emmy up with some Mega Blocks and a plate of paint and this is what she got up to:


I then cut the block shapes out once dried and mounted on coloured paper before ‘building’ Daddies card with Emmy’s bricks.  Here is the house she made:

I love making cards with Emmy and think it adds a very personal touch,  however when it comes to sending cards myself I like to browse online as well as the shops, often spending far too long looking through various different greeting cards, reading all of the words and choosing the perfect one.

Which is why I have already started looking at fathers day cards for both mine and Paul’s Dads – Emmy will make her Daddy a perfect card, I’m just trying to come up with a design for that one.
For those of you who need reminding Father’s Day is on 17th June!!


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4 thoughts on “Printing with Mega Blocks

  1. This is so much adorable i must say
    Even though I am newly wedded and dreaming the kid like him
    kids activities are so enchanting and entertaining . When i was kid ,i used to prank with my grandpa and sometimes creates non ended fun and frolics.

  2. This is a fun and creative activity with the kids. It is nice to do activities that would touch their creative juices and practice them. Who knows, they might have the talent. eco print

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