Longest 4 weeks ever – 12 week Scan pics

You would have seen my post announcing my latest pregnancy about 4 weeks ago now.  These for weeks have dragged so much.

I’ve kept busy, really busy infact as Emmy has had Chicken Pox and has been refusing to sleep at night – bedtimes have become 9.30/10pm (not through want of me putting her to bed) she just wouldn’t sleep.  At first it was fine as she was poorly, now it’s just annoying.  We have a battle on our hands as she won’t go into her bed and just gets so upset screaming and crying for Mummy’s bed!  Not good – I think it’s because she’s in a Toddler bed and has limited space (she is a wriggler and a right fidget bum when asleep) – So much so I am about to buy her a single bed with a pull-out bed under to see if I can combat this problem.

The pregnancy has continued nicely except for the sickness – it got so bad I took a day off work to go to the doctors and was put on Anti-sickness tablets and I’ve also been having Acupuncture to help combat it.

Finally the day of my scan arrived and I’m not sure if it was a bug or nerves but I was rather poorly all day today however that wasn’t going to stop me getting my long awaited scan.

Breath held, forms filled in, quick chat with the sonographer and it was time to hop up onto the bed and close my eyes firmly…..Yes I always do until I get the all clear to look – Paul was great and held my hand until I allowed him to let go – then I was able to enjoy the scan.

We listened to the babies heartbeat which was 161 beats per minute, all measurements were done – eventually, as baby is a naughty one already and kept kicking the lady scanning me, putting it’s hands over it’s face and turning around and around.  Baby is measuring 6cm’s and is perfect.

Here are some pics I would like to share – First is our 8 week scan, then two from today at 12 + 3 weeks:

Emmys Mummy - 8 weeks scan picture

Our due date has change to the 22nd October now, next appointment is 1st May with my consultant, I’m so happy – Emmy is excited and I’m hoping I can start enjoying this now.
So who wants to take a guess – Boy or Girl? (We will be finding out).  I’ve my thoughts already and am guessing Girl!

5 thoughts on “Longest 4 weeks ever – 12 week Scan pics

  1. It's such a relief to get to the 12 week scan okay isn't it? Those early weeks drag so much. Glad all is going well, being pregnant and running round after a toddler and working is tough going!

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