Project 365, Photo round up week 4

Here we are again – week 4 and this week it has been difficult to  choose a photo each day.  It’s been a mundane week but we have had fun. 

Here is our week:

Day 19

Homemade Beef in Oyster sauce with chow mein

I have been really wanting a Chinese for the past week however a takeaway for us costs nearly £25 and we actually have to go and get it from the Chinese so petrol costs are added on top, being near the end of the month and trying to conserve some money for Emmy’s birthday next month I decided to make our own.  It was really tasty and filling feeding us all for less than £7.

Day 20

Considering it is January the weather has been rather mild so on this dry day I decided that it was time for some outside playing.  Now the grass is very wet and really muddy so I spent the morning washing down the garden toys and moving them onto the patio area.  This means that now on dry days the children can play outside again.  I move the playhouses next to each other when they are outside and it blocks off the grass area – meaning they can play without getting muddy.

Day 21

New shoes for my little man.  These arrived today – his first pair of Vans which were a bargain £11 in the Office sale.  Boys can rock purple too!

Day 22

Harry really is a Daddy’s boy.  When Daddy is around then Mummy won’t do.  He was feeling a little poorly so was trying to delay Daddy going to work with lovely snuggles.  My two favourite men!

Day 23

Harry and I got soaked through on the school run this morning.  When we got home and I had put the food shopping away – we snuggled under a blanket on the sofa with hot buttered crumpets and hot chocolate watching TV.  Harry soon fell asleep and we styed snuggled for almost two hours – bliss!
Day 24

Barney was sulking today.  He has a doggy form of eczema and won’t stop biting his tail, so much so he made it bleed.  Mean Mummy warned him and warn him and this was how his day ended.  I was not his best friend today.

Day 25

Silly faces!  This morning we took time out to make each other giggle.

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