Project 366 – 17th – 23rd January 2016

This week has been a housebound sick kind of week and I was really hoping the germs and sickness would do one this year, as quite frankly we all had our fair share last year – sadly not! Harry has been off all week with a nasty chesty cough which has knocked him off his feet and seen him napping in the day (unheard of these days), while Emmy has had 2 days off of school due to a tummy bug.  I’m frazzled, stressed and very very behind schedule and up against a tight deadline which I am unlikely to meet unless miracles happen.
Here is what we have been up to this week:
Day 17:
Since rearranging Emmy’s bedroom she has tried her hardest to keep it tidy, putting all her toys and clothes away before she gets into bed – she is so happy with her new space, so much so she has started using her desk to do her homework.  Very sweet, and too grown up.
Day 18:
Harry didn’t want to go to school today, I just knew he wasn’t right so we both came home after dropping Emmy to school.  He clung to me for an hour while I cleaned up after breakfast and popped some washing on, he then very quickly developed a fever, nasty cough and slept on me for just over 2 hours.
Day 19:
A very wrapped up school run this morning – with Harry still not well and it being so very cold, with frost on the ground I was taking no chances this morning.
Day 20:
The beginning of a crafty few days.  Harry and I made a Heart wall mobile which we have placed in Emmy’s room.  You can find our tutorial on how to make it here.
Day 21:
Emmy was poorly this morning and I took a delivery of wooden crates to go in my hall, with both children snuggled under duvets feeling unwell and not wanting to move I had the chance to upcycle them – full post on how I’ve done this to follow but here is the first.
Day 22:
Another crafty day, both children are still at home – not overly ill now but unable to attend school due to 48 hour sickness rules.  Instead of spending another day infront of the TV we spent a quiet day in the kitchen creating.  We started by making Fimo love tokens and then moved onto making our own bars of soap.  They both really enjoyed this and even asked for a bath that evening to use their soaps.
Day 23:
Paul was working this morning so we used up the last of the Fimo and made Sea Creatures.  This is my Sea Turtle.  We then went out to see friends and meet their 6 week old daughter.
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2 thoughts on “Project 366 – 17th – 23rd January 2016

  1. Hope the kiddies both feel better soon Clare, hate it when children are ill and you can't do nothing (I always wish I could take the illness for L!) for them! I'm loving all the craft items, I must admit our craft box has been deserted quite a bit recently! xx

  2. Love the heart wall mobile, I hope Emmy was pleased with it.
    Shame they have both been ill, but it beats being ill one week after the other.
    Love the ski suits, a pain when you are potty training but great and warm when needed

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