Recharging and unwinding

Emmy has been back to school for 4 weeks now and Harry for 3 and I have to honestly say I am really enjoying the quiet.

I thought I would hate it and not know what to do with myself but having been a WAHM since Emmy was around 18 months old and actually not taking maternity leave when I had Emmy (I went back to my work when she was 3 months old as I was a Nanny and she could come with me) it’s meant I have been with the kids almost 24/7 since they were born and still having to earn a wage around them at home.

It’s not been easy however I wouldn’t change it for anything and it’s only now they are in school and I have the time to work in the day and not the evenings that I’ve realised just how exhausted I really am.

Burning the candle at both ends takes its toll. I am up by 6.30am with the children and often still working at midnight.

Something has to change and now they are in school I am able to work in the day.

However now I can I’m struggling.

I’m tired

Worn out and exhausted

I need a break

Finally I have some time for me and I’ve been making the most of it. I’m behind with work and have to catch up but when I’m less exhausted I believe I’ll be able to up my game properly and get my head back in the game.

I’ve managed to get my hair done, spring clean the house (well a few rooms at a time), go out for lunch, get my nails done, watch my programmes and even have a nap or two.

I’m still tired but mentally less so.

This weekend I am heading off to London for Britmums Live, a blogging conference which I look forward to each year. Paul and I recently had a night child free becoming tourists in our own city but I really do now need some time just for me.

I will catch up with friends, chat and laugh and enjoy adult conversation and company…something which I really do miss working from home.

I’m looking forward to a tour of The Houses of Parliament tomorrow and a party boat cruise down the Thames and then the conference on Saturday.

Working from home is amazing but it can be so lonely at times and it highlights all the things which still need doing around the house as there is no escape from it, no closing the door and walking away from the chaos and it does distract from the tasks in hand many times.

Here’s hoping I’m all chatted out by the time I return and come back more focused and hopefully well rested with no kids waking me throughout the night.


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