Reroute Santa – Let the big man know where to deliver the gifts

With only a few days to go until the big day now, the children are getting very excited – all my gifts are wrapped and any I haven’t purchased now will have to wait as I refuse to visit the shops at this time of year, especially as the kids break up from school tomorrow.

Yesterday I wrote about our Christmas Eve hampers which are delivered to the children during the afternoon on Christmas Eve, this has now become our family tradition. The children’s hampers are delivered by Eddie the Elf, left as a parting gift when he returns to the North Pole to help Santa prepare for delivering all the presents.

But what happens on Christmas Eve should you not be at home?

What if you are the children are staying away with family or on holiday for the Christmas period?

Of course, we all know that Santa would know where to deliver the presents but it doesn’t stop children worrying that they may be missed off the list as they aren’t home, and you definitely don’t want them staying awake all night worrying that he won’t come.

That’s where HomeAway have come to help – they have launched Reroute Santa – a site which allows children to write to Santa at the North Pole to let him know if they will be away and where to deliver their gifts – Reroute Santa if you are away!

Reroute Santa is aimed at reassuring children that the jolly fellow will know where they are celebrating this year; and to prove he has the message children will receive a personalised e-letter from Father Christmas acknowledging he will be rerouting his sleigh this Christmas.


You need to confirm you are 13 years of age to use this site, or get a parent to fill it in with you. Once you have completed the details you’ll see a cute animation of your letter being delivered.



Once Santa has received your letter you’ll get an instant reply showing he has the message.

reroute-santa-2This is just to show you, and we aren’t actually staying at Coombemill this Christmas BUT it is on my Christmas wish list for one year so you never know! We spent an amazing fireworks/bonfire week staying here when Emmy was 18 months and I am desperate to return with Harry one year when I have saved enough.

This site DOES NOT ask for your address so you need not worry about anything sinister happening while you are away, BUT it does go without saying that you should be very careful if you are away and make sure home security is your priority:

  • As tempting as it can be – DON’T check into other places on social media when away. It is a beacon that your house is empty – this especially applies if you don’t know everyone on your friends lists (also make sure your status’ aren’t set to public)
  • Turn on your house alarm
  • Set timer switches for lights
  • Have a radio playing using a timer switch
  • Have a friend or neighbour move your post so it isn’t sitting on the door mat all week
  • Have a neighbour bring in your bins after they’ve been emptied – having them sitting outside your property is also an indicator that you aren’t home
  • Ask someone to draw the curtains in the evenings for you
  • Think about installing CCTV which links to smart phones – these can be inside or outside your property and can be activated by motion sensors – New video baby monitors also work in this way so you’ll be able to record any movement in the house/outside doors if you are away)

Most of all, wherever you may be this Christmas, Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

Merry Christmas


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