Christmas Eve Boxes

Christmas Eve Hampers

Since Emmy was small I have been making up a Christmas Eve hamper for her.  It started as a way of calming the excitement when she was around 2 years old.  For the lead up to Christmas was a strange one for her – new and exciting with trips to see Santa, lots of family visits from those we wouldn’t see on the day and the making of cards.

I would just put a few things together so we could make the afternoon of Christmas Eve a calm one, one where we would snuggle up on the sofa together watching Christmas movies and getting ready for the big day.

This is something which has continued and has become our family Christmas tradition, however since the arrival of Eddie our Elf, he now brings the Christmas Eve hamper as a parting gift to the children before heading off to the North Pole again to help Santa deliver his presents.

I’ve been so bust this month that I didn’t have the chance to wander the shops as usual, however Poundstretcher came to my aid and have provided all the essentials for our Hampers.


In our hampers I always like to include new Pyjama’s (I change all the bedding too as nothing beats clean bedding and new PJ’s for getting a great nights sleep).

We then include a selection of sweets and treats – well it this the beginning of Christmas after all.

This year we have hot chocolate, popcorn, selection boxes and treats.


I used to include Christmas DVD’s however decided this was pointless as they don’t get watched again come January and we have Netflix available in all room so there is always a suitable movie to watch.

Around 4pm on Christmas Eve we have an early dinner and then head off upstairs for a bath, the children say their goodbye’s to Eddie during the day (and by this time have usually forgotten about his), while in the bath he heads home to the North Pole and in his place will be their Christmas Eve boxes.  It is then family time, we grab pillows and blankets, make hot chocolate and head to the sofa to snuggle up for a movie evening until it is bedtime.

At bedtime the children will then leave out a mince pie, milk and cookies for Santa out on their Santa plate in the kitchen, and will leave water and a carrot for the reindeer.

They will sprinkle reindeer food on the garden path outside, put Santa’s key on the front door so he can get in, hang their stockings on their bedroom doors and then hopefully stay in bed all night until Christmas morning.

Of course over excitement kicks in and they wake often and try to stay awake but I can live in hope that one year this will happen.

Do you have Christmas Eve Hampers in your household?

Thank you to Poundstretcher for providing the contents of the kids hampers. I particularly love the kids PJ’s which were great value at only £4.99 and I am temped to steal the slippers for myself!


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