Review: CBeebies Live 2015 Mr Tumble’s Circus

Today was an extra special day for the children,  huge fans of CBeebies with Emmy having a little crush on Andy and Harry absolutely loving Mr Tumble we surprised them and headed off to Wembley to see the live stage show Mr Tumble’s Circus.
We didn’t tell them until we were almost ready to leave then with the secret out Harry did a huge excited dance in circles around the kitchen, then hugged me for at least 5 minutes.
It’s safe to say they were happy.
Unfortunately the TomTom took us to the exit of the car park and we needed to go right the way around again to the entrance and queue to get in, this made us a little late as we didn’t take the buggy so Harry was walking to the arena.  We arrived 5 minutes after the show started but it didn’t ruin our enjoyment infact it meant that the souvenirs had been packed away and the kids couldn’t demand lights and toys which always happens at live shows.
We were seated up high to the left of the stage around half way back but the view was great, both kids could see everything and they loved it.
It did mean that taking pictures was rather impossible as we were too far to zoom properly,  I hadn’t charged my big camera unfortunately so only had my phone.
The show sees all of the CBeebies favourites awaiting the arrival of Mr Tumble’s Circus but with all kinds of delays along the way it doesn’t look like the circus will arrive in time.
We’ve seen everything today from dancing dinosaurs to audience participation in the strong man events.
This show gets the audience involved from the off, cheering,  clapping and even on your feet dancing.
I was little unsure how the children would be at an event of this size.  They’ve been to many live shows before but nothing quite compares to the size of Wembley.   They were completely unfazed and loved every minute.  Harry sat unmoving for the first 20 minutes – star struck and absolutely amazed that he was seeing his favourite TV star up close and Emmy at one point threw her hand to her mouth and shouted “Mummy, I didn’t know my Andy would be her too” – she was stunned and just adorable.
This is our first CBeebies live show BUT it definitely won’t be our last. 
There was an extremely happy ending to the show, there was circus in the end and even Robert the Robot who was adamant he didn’t like the circus joined in and had fun.
We particularly enjoyed how the show was brought off of the stage with the characters entering from all sides, birds flying around the audience, lights on the ceilings and of course fireworks.  Those sitting near the front on the flat level seating also had water squirted at them and the children could dance at the front at times too.
Harry clung to his Mr Tumble Bag and his Mr Tumble toy throughout the show
This is a must see show for all CBeebies fans.
We attended the first day at Wembley,  it is also there tomorrow too before moving on.

Please check the website for tour venues and times –
Disclaimer: We recieved a family ticket to see this show, all thoughts and opinions are our own
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