Review: Creating a keepsake for Emmy with the Charm Works

When Emmy was Christened she was given some lovely jewellery items, we got her a lovely Silver bangle and had it engraved. She wore this on her Christening day, this is now too small for her and has been put away in a special jewellery box so she can keep it or even pass it down in many years to come.  She also has a beautiful Gold cross with crystals in which her Nanny gave her, this is also put away safely for her and is worn on special occasions.
There is a special keepsake item I have been meaning to start making up for Emmy but hadn’t gotten around to sadly, until The Charm Works got in touch asking if I would like to choose an item for review.  It was the prompt and reminder I needed. There is a story behind what I wanted to create and why…..for my 18th birthday my parents gave me the most beautiful charm bracelet I have ever seen. A Silver bracelet filled with 18 charms,  charms they had been collecting my whole life, a charm a year until my 18th birthday.  Such a lovely and thoughtful gift which I treasure greatly, its not an item of jewellery I actually wear as it is heavy and I’d hate to lose it but on special occasions it comes out and I just love it.  The 18 charms are so varied and represent places we went, things we saw or my favourite things or even special keepsakes – some of my charms include: a Teddy, Big Ben, a Bible which actually opens and has readable pages, a container with a rolled up pound note, a Dolphin, 18 key and many more.
I wanted to do the same for Emmy, sadly I hadn’t started but as long as I’ve the 18 charms before her 18th birthday all will be fine.
The Charm Works sell a large range of Silver charm bracelets along with Silver charms, clip on charms or bead charms with some charms starting from around £3.95 it is really affordable to build up a wonderful collection of charms for your bracelets.  You can also choose leather bracelets to add your bead charms onto (I’m currently browsing these for myself as a treat).
I had great fun discussing with them the idea of Emmy’s keepsake bracelet and browsing the site to find the perfect charms to start her own bracelet,  which I will put away, add to and give to her on her special birthday.

I chose for a 7″ bracelet with a heart shaped clasp with an attached safety chain because it is identical to mine own, only thinner.  This comes with a star sign charm and a heart shaped silver charm which you can choose to have engraved.  I have had this engraved with “Emily 4.2.10”  (obviously Emmy’s name and her DOB).
I then had fun choosing 2 more charms to begin her collection.
I chose a Sterling Silver pink crystal heart with a clip clasp and a Pink enamelled guardian angel charm with a clip clasp.

Delivery of this beautiful bracelet was really quick, especially as I’d had it engraved and it came beautifully gift wrapped in Silver tissue paper wrapped in clear cellophane with silver sparkles and hearts added between the layers, this was then finished off with a Purple ribbon.

It was such a shame to have to unwrap it as it really did look beautiful,  but I will be adding to this bracelet each each so have to, and will try to make it look just as pretty in 12 years time when it will be filled and ready to give to her.

I actually placed an order after this arrived for 2 more charms as I loved these so much – I chose a St. Christopher and a Heart which says ‘Big Sis’ – these were normal charms without the clip clasp but the goo thing is that you can order the clip clasps separately and they will be added on for you before delivery.

I am going to have great fun choosing a new charm each birthday from now on and hope that each will hold a special memory, event etc.

The charms she currently have all have meaning, with the pink heart meaning she is my baby girl always and owns my heart and the guardian Angel is Nanny watching and praying over her.

The quality of this bracelet is amazing and the prices of the charms very good, the only problem I have found is that choosing which I wanted was difficult due to the large selection, thankfully I have lots more to add to Emmy’s bracelet.

Do you have a special piece of jewellery for your child?

To see the full range of items available please visit the website:

Disclaimer: I received this bracelet and charms in exchange for an honest review.

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