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I’ve told you all many times that Harry loves In The Night Garden.  On Sunday we took both of the children to the O2 to see the In The Night Garden Live show.
Emmy knew where we were going but Harry being only 19 months had no idea and his face when we rounded the corner to see all of the posters and the large inflatable HaaHoo’s was amazing.
Harry squealed with excitement from that moment until the very end of the show.
Inside the inflatable arena before the show starts they have a Pinky Ponk projected onto the wall which rotates around the room.  From the minute Harry saw this he was pointing at it shouting ‘Look Mumma, Look Dadda’, ‘Look’, and then when it disappeared behind a cloud he would bring his hand to his face and shout ‘Oh No’.
His eyes never left the ceiling awaiting it’s  return.
We saw the Pinky Ponk show, this is a show in which you see Iggle Piggle having an adventure with Upsy Daisy and losing his blanket.
In The Night Garden Show combines a clever mix of puppetry and full costumes.  The puppeteer’s are all dressed in green as a way to camouflage into the background and they also move around the stage props and scenery.

I have never seen Harry so excited.  Clapping and cheering everytime a new character came onto the stage, shouting ‘Oh No’ when they left.
He was up on his feet dancing and would have happily sat through another show I’m sure.
ITNG Live is a 45 minute show, perfect for the children it is aimed at, Emmy got a little bored however at 4 years that is because she has outgrown the show (and because she has seen it twice before at Harry’s age).
I would highly recommend the show to anyone who has an ITNG fan – I don’t think there was a child under the roof on Sunday who wasn’t excited, clapping or having a wonderful time.
All of the characters from the TV show were on the stage at some point during the performance – even the Pinky Ponk which was a huge model held up on a pole by a puppeteer, the Ninky Nonk appeared in both miniature scale and large full life size too.  The large Ninky Nonk was made to look as if Upsy Daisy and Iggle piggle were riding by the background screen moving and the puppeteers moving the curtains and shaking the scenery.
It is all done in such a clever way that the children are mesmerised, even as an adult  it is impossible not to enjoy the show as the children are all so excited and enthralled by it all.
We decided against a character meet and greet after as Harry always goes shy and refuses to look at the characters when up close anyway.  This is something you can book up when buying your tickets and we did do with Emmy when she was smaller as she wasn’t shy of them.
We saw the Nicky Nonk Show however there is also a Pinky Ponk show to see too.
Tickets are still available and more information can be found on the website:
Disclaimer:  We received review ticket to this show.  All thoughts and opinions are our own – and Harry say’s ‘More, More, Agan, Agan’ so definitely has his seal of approval.



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  1. So lovely to read this review and reminisce! We took Seren to see it when she was about 16months and it was amazing- she was absolutely mesmerised. So good to read it's still having the same effect!

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