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I’ve blogged a few times about our new found love of camping – I was never an outdoorsy type of person pre-kids, I’d tried camping in the garden in a tent with Paul before as he loved being outdoors however by around midnight I’d always had enough and would head indoors to a nice warm and comfy bed.
This Summer we were invited to the New Forest to try camping with the kids so I bit the bullet and off we went – and much to my surprise, and to Paul’s not only did I love it but the kids did too.  Since we have bought our own camping gear and enjoyed camping as a family again and we are already planning next years trips.
One thing we did discover in September when we last went was that our tent was only a 2-season one so it was freezing at night time and that Harry wasn’t keen on sleeping in his Ready Bed all night nor in his sleeping bag – this made things more difficult than they should have been as he climbed into my camp bed and I had to unzip my sleeping bag to try to squeeze us both inside – a challenge to say the least.
We have recently been sent a Kids SelkBag to help prevent this happening on our next camping trips.
The SelkBag is a wearable sleeping bag suit.  It has arms and legs and you are zipped inside.  This means that when you are wearing it you will be able to roll over and move around – something which you are restricted to in a sleeping bag.  I think it was this confinement which Harry disliked.
This suit comes in two sizes K1 and K2.
The K1 is suitable for kids between 3ft 9 inches and 4ft 6 inches, and the K2 is ideal for those 4ft 7 to 5ft little ones!
We went for the K1 as I thought it would be better for Harry, unfortunately it is HUGE and is even too big for Emmy.
The arms can be made smaller by using the Velcro on the side and you can get your hands out of this by poking them through a slit by the sleeve – otherwise your hands are fully encased inside. 
The feet have rubberised canvas bottoms so you can walk around in this, whether that be around the house, around your tent or even off to the loo.  Using the drawstring at the ankles you can tighten the feet in place which is handy if it’s a little too big otherwise you will trip over.
There are zipped vents at the bottom of each leg which you can undo to avoid overheating.
The suit closes with two front zips with large cords for easy access so even when your hands are inside you should be able to grab hold of these easily.  There is also a hood too to help keep the warmth in and your head warm too.  This is as thick as children’s traditional sleeping bags and feels very snuggly.
I think this will be perfect for camping trips or for snuggling on the sofa on cold winters days however it is too large for Emmy and Harry currently and when they’ve tried to wear it they have fallen over or stumble too much for it to be safe currently. Emmy is a tall nearly 6 year old just to give you an idea of sizes.  I’m hoping by our next Summer camping trip this will then fit Emmy.
This suits costs £44.95 and is available in blue, yellow and pink and also in adult sizes too.  Available from If you would like to order one of these for yourself or for the kids then I have a readers discount code for you – Save 15% by entering the code EMMY15 at checkout (valid until 31/12/15) – there is also FREE next day delivery.
Product specification:

Weight: 1.42kg
It’s stuffed with: Hollow Fibre Bonded
Its coat is made from: Polyester Taffeta
It’s lined with: Polyester Diamond
The optimum temperature: It’s really comfortable at around 7 degrees, but can handle up to -13 degrees.



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